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Neki 0.98.5

Playful, pesky and borderline obnoxious.

  1. 0.98.5

    • 20 additional Idle Poses
    • The Neki Basic Table (replacing an old placeholder)
    • Added a Neki Wall Bed to the starter ships
    • Added the Neki Pod to Treasured Trophies
    • Added more scan descriptions
    • Neki Hops now correctly consumes energy per hop
    • Head alignment on the Duck, Lay and Sit poses
    • The Pod can now also be used as a platform
    • Renamed the 'nekipoddark' to 'nekipodTier0'
    • Fixed missing Neki Wheel tooltip config
    • Fixed...
  2. 0.98.4

    • Added the Neki Rags clothing item
    • Simplified the Nekini Bottom recipe (required for the flag)
    • Added a dummy 'nekibed' statusEffect to prevent log spam
    • Fixed missing Neki Scientist Sleeves Wardrobe colors
    • Optimized some item icons and configs
    • Added more tool and pod dialogue
    • Revised many scan descriptions
    • Added more scan descriptions
    • Corrected a few hairstyles
  3. 0.98.3

    • The Neki Pod now discerns between species and reacts accordingly
    • Reworked the statuseffects that the Pod applies to different species
    • Fixed missing Neki codex tab with Elithian + Many Tabs installed
    • Fixed other species' extremities sticking out of Neki objects
    • Reworked the way Neki-specific effects are applied by beds
    • Added test patches to Outpost Lana's hitbox changes
    • Removed non-vanilla scan descriptions (for now)
    • Added some additional scan descriptions...
  4. 0.98.2

    • Fixed floof/hair sticking out of vanilla loungeables
    • The Neki like the Dorm Bed even more now
    • Updated the stats layout for Race Traits
    • Removed a few misplaced png files
    • Revised some scan descriptions
    • Added more scan descriptions
    • Proofread the .story
  5. 0.98.1

    • Fixed an error in a script that was sometimes causing NPCs to spontaneously combust
    • Added the Neki Wall Bed
    • Added multiple codices to round up the main story
    • Neki no longer replaces 'dialog.lua' (thanks to R|ambo!)
    • The Neki don't care about the chair being yours anymore
    • Added/Corrected some furniture orientations
    • Floofy tails no longer stick...
  6. 0.97.6

    • Added a destructible version of the Neki T10 ship (as T11)
    • Added the Neki Scientist Coat and Scientist Sleeves
    • You no longer get hungrier while in the Neki Pod
    • Simplified the Neki Peacekeeper item recipes
    • Revised some char creation modifier names
    • Added a few more lights to the T10 ship
    • Added more item scan descriptions
    • Modified a few scan descriptions
    • Removed duplicate chest sprites
    • Removed unused arm frames
    • [NekiCrew] Added a T11 ship...
  7. 0.97.5

    • [NekiFU] Fixed a missing statuseffect causing a log spam
  8. 0.97.5

    • [0.97.5] Configured the load order for Race Traits correctly
    • Added a note about Race Traits to the character creation
    • Added the Race Traits configuration directly to Neki
    • Resolved a bug with the way Nightvision was set up
    • Nightvision's intensity is now affected by %HP
    • Updated certain Neki item descriptions
    • Added more scan descriptions
    • Added more dialogue
    • Fixed some typos
    • [NekiFU] Removed the Nightvision script (it is now a part of the main mod)...
  9. 0.97.2

    • Added the new clothing items to the Wardrobe Interface
    • Removed the SFW clothes options from character creation
    • Changed the way male versions of the new items are defined
    • Removed the Neki MK Agent's 'healthRegen' stat, seems to be broken
    • Reduced the Neki MK Agent's 'protection' stat from 2.0 to 1.5
    • Added more dialogue, modified some existing lines
    • Added more scan descriptions
  10. 0.97

    • Added the Neki Peacekeeper Hat, Pads and Uniform
    • Added alternate SFW-skin female versions of a few clothes:
      • Nokini (alternate Nekini)
      • Neki Noughtie (alternate Nightie)
      • Neki Stripless (alternate Strapless)
    • Added Leiya, a Neki-specific SAIL, purely cosmetic for now
    • Added partial dialogue for Merchants and Apex Peacekeepers
    • Added many new object and tile scan descriptions
    • Added and reorganized some colors...