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Neki 0.98.6

Playful, pesky and borderline obnoxious.

  1. 0.97

    • Added the Neki Peacekeeper Hat, Pads and Uniform
    • Added alternate SFW-skin female versions of a few clothes:
      • Nokini (alternate Nekini)
      • Neki Noughtie (alternate Nightie)
      • Neki Stripless (alternate Strapless)
    • Added Leiya, a Neki-specific SAIL, purely cosmetic for now
    • Added partial dialogue for Merchants and Apex Peacekeepers
    • Added many new object and tile scan descriptions
    • Added and reorganized some colors...
  2. 0.96.8

    • Added a 64-slot, craftable Neki Storage Locker
    • Added 19 new hairstyles, courtesy of Acid's Hair Mod
    • Removed a few odd hairstyles from character creation
    • Added upgrade items for the Tier 9 and Tier 10 ships
    • Added an "unpowered" Neki Pod for the T0 ship
    • Added a craftable Broken Iron Spotlight
    • Made the default lighting on Neki ships more atmospheric
    • Installed...
  3. 0.96.4

    • Added the Neki T3 Armor, Shoulderpads and Mask
    • Added test patches for 'nekisnowscientist' placements
    • Modified a few existing armor names and descriptions
    • The recipes folder structure adheres to vanilla now
    • Added a newline at the end of all relevant files
    • [NekiFU] Added stats and a set bonus for the Neki T3 armor set
  4. 0.96.3

    • Re-uploaded because I made a bit of a mess of the files inside the download previously
    • [NekiFloof] Replaced a sprite from another variant that I accidentally left here. No version change :]
  5. 0.96.3

    • Corrected F/M body sprite weirdnesses with NekiPoses
    • Corrected the comments in the NPC test patches
    • Corrected the 'anti_mhuman22' hair slightly
    • [NekiSFW] Updated to include the sprite changes from Neki 0.96.3
    • [NekiFloof] Updated to include the sprite changes from Neki 0.96.3
    • [NekiFloofSFW] Updated to include the sprite changes from Neki 0.96.3
    • [NekiFloof], [NekiFloofSFW] Added the head and arm sprites to the mod
  6. 0.96.2

    • Fixed missing 'spaceconverse' and 'snowscientist' dialogue errors
    • Optimized a few more dialogue configs
    • Removed an erroneous empty folder
  7. 0.96.1

    • Corrected some of the the M/F body sprite shading
    • Adjusted a few items to fit the body edits
    • Removed the male's monobrow
    • [NekiSFW] Updated to include the body changes from Neki 0.96.1
    • [NekiFloof] Updated to include the body changes from Neki 0.96.1
    • [NekiFloofSFW] Updated to include the body changes from Neki 0.96.1
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  8. 0.96

    • Added a new Neki NPC - the Neki Snow Scientist
    • Added the Neki Engineer and Mechanic crewmember types
    • Added many additional Neki dialogue lines for various NPCs
    • Added numerous new Neki object and tile scan descriptions
    • Added a hairstyle to both genders (suggested by LFlame)
    • Reworked some of the Neki body/tail details and back fur
    • Reworked some existing scans for better consistentcy
    • Reworked multiple existing lines of NPC dialogue
    • Corrected...
  9. 0.95.3

    • Added compatibility for the Extended GUI mod
    • The crafting time of all Neki items in now 0.5s
    • Added more scan descriptions
  10. 0.95.2

    • Swapped the Chest and Legs armor stats and recipes back to vanilla
    • Swapped the Neki armor sell prices back to vanilla values
    • Updated the Neki Strapless recipe for consistency
    • Updated the Neki Wheel's item description
    • [NekiFU] Swapped the Chest and Legs T6s armor stats back to vanilla