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Neki 0.98.6

Playful, pesky and borderline obnoxious.

  1. 0.95

    • Added a Neki Tech - Neki Hops
    • Added Neki NPC chatter sound effects
    • Added many scan descriptions for The Starforge
    • Added multiple new vanilla object scan descriptions
    • Made it so that Taehl's Teleport Beams will work with the Neki
    • Added Neki Wheel categories and icons for clothes and pillows
    • Added includes for...
  2. 0.94

    • Added a Neki T1 armor set - the Leg Ring, Arm-O-Ring and Hairpin
    • Added a Neki... Flag. They kept asking me to make one...
    • Added support for bk3k's Tech Helper's console interface
    • Added Neki-specific dialogue to more Biome NPCs
    • Decreased the T3 Claws damage slightly
    • Increased the T2 and T5 Claws damage
    • Reduced the size of some scripts
    • [NekiFU] Added...
  3. 0.93.8

    • Added the legacy clothes back to the default recipes (oops...)
    • Added support for the StarExtensions 1.8.1+ head rotation
    • Added an additional female hairstyle
  4. 0.93.7

    • Added an Armor set - the Neki T4 Armor, Shoulderguards and Mask
    • Revised the Neki T2 Armor set's design
    • Added all Pelt Colors as Mane Colors
    • [NekiFU] Added FU stats and a set bonus for the Neki T4 Armor set
    • [NekiFU] Increased the T6S set bonus to x1.5 Damage, +5% Crit Chance
  5. 0.93.5

    • Added an Armor set - The Neki T2 Armor, Shoulderguards and Ear Ring
    • Fixed the ears detaching on some of the Elithian Races Mod vehicles
    • Added 6 more body colors to Character Creation
    • Rearranged body colors by brightness
    • Corrected the Neki T6s armor price
    • [NekiFU] Added stats and Set Bonus for the Neki T2 Armor set
    • [NekiFU] Added new stats and Set Bonus for the Neki T6s Armor set
    • [NekiFU] Nightvision's brightness is now fixed,...
  6. 0.93

    • Added Neki item tooltips based on StarFactory by TeksFox
    • Added support for the StarExtensions head rotation (1.7.14+)
    • Added the Purrawler Neki crewmember, claws-only melee
    • Added Floran mission celebrator/spectator dialogue
    • Added more Fenerox NPC dialogue options
    • Added more Neki crewmember dialogue
    • Added scan descriptions for some tiles
    • Added more custom scan descriptions
    • Revised some of the...
  7. 0.92.1

    • 26.2.23 - Re-uploaded the mod due to a missing file that caused a crash
    • Added Neki NPCs - the Neki Miniknog Agents
    • Added an armor set - the Neki MK Armor (T6, Separator)
    • Added another animated clothing item - the Neki Robe Dress
    • Added the T5 Rapid Claws to the basic Neki recipes (oops...)
    • Added the Neki Wheel, for crafting the non-animated clothes
    • Removed legacy clothes from the Spinning Wheel recipes...
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  8. 0.91b

    • Added the NekiFloof and NekiFloofSFW patches to the download
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  9. 0.91

    • Added Tier 9 and Tier 10 ships (for the Tier Nine Ships mod)
    • Made many subtle changes and corrections to the T0-T8 ship backgrounds
    • Removed unfitting and broken sub-biome tenant types (thanks Lemon Drops!)
    • Removed an old version of NekiFU from the download
    • Fixed all remaining broken tenant type patches
    • Removed a...
  10. 0.90

    • Added 3 animated clothing items - Neki Protectorate Pants, Skirt and Sleeves
    • Added 3 new Starter Codexes, which can be found in the ship's locker
    • Added a Starter Quest to receive the new uniforms and Neki Paws
    • A new ship! Re-colored and edited to fit the Neki story
    • Small edits to the body sprites, more distinct collars
    • Modified some hairstyles to fit the body changes
    • Removed the Paws from the ship's locker
    • Renamed "Eye colour" to...
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