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Neki 0.98.6

Playful, pesky and borderline obnoxious.

  1. 0.89

    • Added 14 Neki Codexes
    • Added new claws: Neki T5 Rapid Claws
    • Added ~300 additional scan descriptions
    • Improved/reworked existing descriptions and dialogue
    • Fixed instances of full invulnerability on some claw tiers
    • Modified/unified the T2-T4 swoosh effect
    • Widened the claws' damage area
    • Adjusted the T5 claws recipe
    • A few more beds to purr in!
    • Added NekiCrew, a patch to allow for up to 99 crew members
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  2. 0.87.2

    • Fixed the Tutorial NPC using Neki dialogue with other species
    • Added missing Neki tenant dialogue (fixed "exploding" tenants)
    • Removed 4 inconsistent (with the Neki) tenant types
    • Added another "get in" sound to the Neki Pod
    • Added more scan descriptions
  3. 0.87

    • Doubled the amount of scan descriptions, updated/corrected existing ones
    • Added lots of new dialogue, updated/corrected many existing dialogue lines
    • Added compatibility patches for the Elithian Races codex window modifications
    • Added Neki to the new species selection feature of the Wardrobe mod...
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  4. 0.86

    • Added support for the Wardrobe mod
    • Added another sleeve type - the Neki Short Sleeves
    • Arranged all included hairstyles by similarity, see screenshots
    • Added elemental augment stats/resistances to the elemental claws
    • Revamped how claws are crafted and the ingredient requirements
    • Added 7 unique claw-related crafting materials/ingredients
    • Modified and added more item and scan descriptions...
  5. 0.85.1

    • Added T5 claws - Neki Vicious Claws
    • Added 4 elemental T5 claws - Neki Electric/Fire/Ice/Poison Claws
    • Added another animated chest clothing item, the Neki Glove Sleeves
    • Added support for "Futara's Dragon Pixel Full Bright Shader" to stuff
    • Removed unneeded line breaks,updated descriptions and dialogues
    • Adjusted the Red Pillow recipe and relevant item descriptions
    • Reduced the price of all Neki clothes/weapons to 1 pixel
    • Modified the claws...
  6. 0.81

    • Added 34 new male hairstyles, based on the amazing Ningen hair
    • The new poses are now a separate modlet - NekiPoses (included)
    • Corrected some body sprites and added more detail to the arms
    • Improved the Nekini, Bottom and Strapless "sit" sprites
    • Reworked the colors and added a few more
    • Added the Neki Shades head item
  7. 0.80

    • Reworked all body/arm sprites, added more detail and improved the animations
    • Overhauled all existing animated clothes for proper shading and sleeve compatibility
    • Added 48 new hairstyles, based on the amazing Ningen hair (female only, for now)
    • Added 2 new animated clothing items: Neki Angel Sleeves and Neki Gala Dress
    • You can now craft (and wear!) the top or bottom of the Nekini separately
    • Added a "Sleeves" category to the Character Creation menu...
  8. 0.78.1

    • Added unique furniture items: 9 Pillows, Pillow Pile and Lavish Bed (sprited by TeksFox)
    • Removed a few \n's from the longer NPC dialogue lines
    • Removed the "neutral" emote's little red thingy
    • Added more scan descriptions
    • Expanded a few dialogues
  9. 0.77

    • Added 12 new hairstyles based on Starbound Valley (Hair Addon)
    • Adjusted the Neki Nails crafting recipe
    • Corrected a few dialogues and scans
    • Corrected a few haircuts
  10. 0.76.1

    • Added 3 types of Neki Curtains, made by ѕaιnт apollyon!
    • Added the NekiShades patch, which disables Nightvision (optional)
    • Added custom scan descriptions to story quest items (clues)
    • Revised many item descriptions for better consistency
    • Fixed the Nekini not appearing as a craftable item
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