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Neki 0.98.7

Playful, pesky and borderline obnoxious.

  1. 0.76.1

    • Added 3 types of Neki Curtains, made by ѕaιnт apollyon!
    • Added the NekiShades patch, which disables Nightvision (optional)
    • Added custom scan descriptions to story quest items (clues)
    • Revised many item descriptions for better consistency
    • Fixed the Nekini not appearing as a craftable item
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  2. 0.75

    • Added the Neki Sharp Claws (Tier 4)
    • Added custom damage and bleed effects
    • Added a proper Neki furniture item: the Neki Bed
    • Added support for Scripted SAIL (as NekiChips, included)
    • Modified the breast animations to be slightly less... weird
    • The Neki now purr when sleeping in beds that they like
    • Corrected a shading inconsistency on the Nekini
    • Adjusted the claws crafting recipes
    • Removed unnecessary SAIL files
    • Added more custom scans...
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  3. 0.72

    • Added the Nekini animated outfit
    • Added 23 new haircuts, based on Customization Plus
    • Balanced the Neki weapons' stats a little better
    • Modified the animated clothes descriptions
    • Adjusted all clothes crafting recipes
    • Modified the frontarm sprite slightly
    • Corrected a few dialogues
    • Edited a few scans
  4. 0.70

    • Added custom NPC -> Neki dialogue and reactions for all vanilla races
    • Prevented Generic dialogue entries from being used with the Neki (thank you, TeksFox!)
    • Added Neki NPC and Combat dialogue (there are no Neki NPCs yet, though)
    • Revised existing dialogue and expanded upon some of it
    • Added Neki Crewmember dialogue
    • Added Neki Tenant dialogue
    • Renamed "Fur" to "Mane"
    • Added 3 new Pelt colors
    • Added 2 new Mane colors
    • Re-balanced the stats further to fully comply...
  5. 0.60

    • Added the first craftable Neki weapons - Neki Paws, Nails and Claws
    • Added cutout-free versions of the Blouse and Top chest items
    • Corrected a color palette that was missing a highlight
    • Removed a few unnecessary files, optimized others
    • Backarm sprite improvements for the claws
    • Adjusted/corrected the body sprites
    • Added 1 new Eye/Accessory color
    • Added 5 new Hair Colors
    • Added a check for the presence of FU to prevent night vision duplication...
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  6. 0.59.4

    • NekiTulips and NekiText are now integrated
    • Re-formatted all config files to be more consistent
    • The tail's walk and run animations are now smoother
    • Front and back arms are now better shaded and have paws
    • The clothes display names now indicate which mod they belong to
    • Added new animated clothes items - Neki Nightie and Neki Strapless
    • Fixed a vanilla bug causing Tonauac and the Baron to not use race-specific dialogue
    • Fixed a vanilla bug where the Baron is facing...
  7. 0.57

    • Updated the placeholder racial description
    • Further improved the Tech Console sprites
    • Added Neki tenants and placehodler furniture
    • Updated/corrected/fixed/added a few descriptions
    • Added a bit of Neki-specific dialogue to species
    • The Neki Pod is now a "neki" furniture item
    • The Neki can now see better at night
    • The wings are purely cosmetic now
    • A few small technical optimizations
    • Added Frackin' Universe support
    • Added ManyTabs support
  8. 0.52

    • Added a "Neki Pod", every Neki now starts with one
    • Made the TreasurePool config more versatile (thanks bum0303!)
    • Corrected the starting contents of the ship locker (it was Apex before)
    • Corrected the hair on the Female interface icon slightly (creation/codex)
    • Added MadTulips Ship Mod (BYOS) support (via NekiTulips, included)
    • Added many more Neki-specific dialogues and item descriptions
    • Updated,...
  9. Beta4

    • Added more custom scan/item descriptions
    • Updated the Invisible Fabric items descriptions to differ from Nekify ones
    • Added custom story dialogue for Tonauac and the Baron (as NekiText, included)
    • Added the little hearts thingy. It's included :3
  10. Beta3

    • Sorted out the Nekify incompatibility by renaming the identical items throughout.
    • Added an optional NekiNoSit mod to revert to the vanilla sitting pose