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Nekify 0.81.2+

Something cute happened to Starbound's races!

  1. 0.81.2+

    • Updated the Nekify Novakid Brands patch, now includes the FU brands and support for Nekibound
    • Corrected a Floran emote error
    • [Nekify NovaBrands] Added branded character selection icons
    • [Nekify NovaBrands] Fixed the male head missing an ear
  2. 0.81.1

    • The archive now includes all of the Nekify standalones and NovaBrands patch
    • Removed crafting recipes from Nekify (the items are still there for compatibility)
    • The crafting recipes are now part of the Nekify - Items standalone
    • Cleaned up unnecessary preview images and descriptions
    • Corrected an error in the Apex emote sprite
    • Added a readme file
  3. 0.8

    • Backported the smoother tail animations from the Neki species
  4. 0.76

    • The wings icons now correctly change color when dyed
    • Reworked the Neki clothes sets (they shouldn't look too awkward on males now)
  5. 0.75

    • Fixed a few missing body animations for Avian, Human, Hylotl and Novakid