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New Handsome Elliott Portrait and Sprite Version 1.0

New portraits and sprites for Elliott! Includes two versions, and an optional vanilla version!

  1. Sabreene
    New portrait and character sprites for Elliott

    I love Elliott, and thought his portrait didn't do him justice. I also love several mods for his portrait, but none of them fit exactly what I was looking for in my Elliott. I felt like Goldilocks... this one is too pretty, this one is too young, this one is too anime.... Eemie and Dreamburrows portraits came the closest, and originally I'd made a personal mash-up of them. However, after marriage and staring at him for hours while working on my dialogue mod for Elliott, the Goldilocks syndrome started to kick in again. This time, I had to make it just right!!!


    These portraits are based on Dreamburrows and Eemie's Elliott portraits, along with some of the original early character designs and my own vision for Elliott. I wanted him to face forwards, with a good nose, strong jaw, nice shoulders, hair that looked as if it really would be time-consuming, and facial expressions that said "Elliott" to me. I also wanted to keep the slightly older look, so there are very faint laugh lines, as well as some subtle shading at the jaw. (All credits are listed at the bottom of the page, with their mod links. I encourage checking all of them out!)

    There are two main versions, and one optional version:
    • "New" Elliott: The colors have been tinted for a more natural look. Slightly darker jacket, warmer hair and better skin tone. This has a matching sprite with slightly darker jacket and dark pants.
    • "Vintage" Elliott: Slightly less saturated colors with the brown jacket and sage tie found in Eemie's mod and one of the early original character designs. This has a matching sprite with brown jacket and darker pants.
    • "Vanilla" Elliott: Optional for those that love the vanilla colors. Yellow tones, bright red jacket /bright green tie of the un-modded game. (No matching sprite - I recommend using the Refined Elliott sprite, linked below)
    The character sprites (based on Refined Elliott) have longer hair and modified colors based on the vintage or new portrait colors. They also use the modified outfit for the spring dance from the "slightly cuter character sprites".

    New Elliott
    (normal, happy, love/blush)

    Vintage Elliott
    (normal, happy, love/blush)

    Vanilla Game Colors Elliott
    (normal, happy, love/blush)

    New Elliott Matching Sprites
    red jacket, darker pants, white collar

    Vintage Elliott Matching Sprites
    brownish jacket, darker pants, white collar

    How to use:
    The zip file includes the .xnb files for the portrait/sprites, .png files to view and the original .xnb files as a backup. The mod files for the portrait and sprites are in the "Content" folder, in their proper folders. To use, overwrite the existing Elliot.xnb files with these ones. The directories are: Content - Characters for the sprite and Content - Portraits for the portrait.

    The version on Nexus (New Handsome Elliott Portrait and Sprite) separates each version into its own download. The download on this site has all three versions in the one zip file for download.

    If you would like to check out the dialogue mods for Elliott, the portrait coding is optimized to work with this portrait mod. In the portrait images, most of the dialogue shown is from my mod. You can find my dialogue mods here:

    Elliott's Main Dialogue Expansion
    (Standalone and Doki Doki compatible versions, expands his dialogue by over 130 lines/200+ sentences)

    Elliott's Marriage Dialogue Expansion
    (Expands the married dialogue by about 20 lines, plus a lot of the existing conversations have been expanded in length)

    Disclaimer - The mods following were either used as a base, or were inspirations for this mod. I encourage everyone to check them out!

    Dreamburrows Elliott Portrait by DreamBurrow
    This mod was a huge inspiration, and was used as the base for the hair and eyes. I loved their take on the hair, and their blushy eyes! Basically the hair is a mesh of Dreamburrow's hair and Eemie's hair. The eyes were just tweaked slightly. I haven't been able to reach Dreamburrows. If I hear from them and they would like the hair and eyes changed, I will do so immediately!

    Front View Elliot by Eemie / Eemiestardew.
    This mod helped me with the broader shoulders and clothes -- they were just slightly tweaked to fit the portrait better, and bottom side hair was used as well. It also gave me inspiration on how to draw the chiselled jaw. It is with her authorization that I've made the "Vintage" Elliott! (I love all her mods! You can see some of that reflected in my screenshots)

    Elliott Refined by Chrysanthe
    I used this mod as the base for the new sprites! If you're using the vanilla version of the portrait mod, I'd go here to get the sprite!! Or if you want a refined sprite without the new dance outfit, I recommend downloading this one too! It removes the gap in the legs, and slightly tweaks the face to look better, among other things.

    Slightly Cuter Character Sprites by Poltergeister. I used the Spring Dance/Flower Festival outfit from this mod in the character sprites. You can see in the picture, that I've used different outfits for everyone at the dance. Most were taken from this, although I adjusted Sebastian's myself, and left Alex in the original clothes.

    Flower dance outfits shown above!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. Handsome Poet Elliott Version 1.PNG
    2. Handsome Poet Elliott Vintage V1.PNG
    3. Elliott New Sprite All.PNG
    4. Elliott Vintage Sprite All.PNG
    5. Handsome Poet Elliott Game Colors.PNG