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New Stars with mini-Biomes themed Planets (Tiers 7 to 10) 1.24

Makes all mini-biomes appear as planets to explore in the universe

  1. Wiranum
    This mod works from version 1.3.3 of Starbound.

    === What this mod does ===

    This mod enhances the different planets and biomes you can find in the vanilla game by adding more planets themed in accordance with the mini-biomes that already spawn on normal planets.

    A total of 19 planets are added by the mod. All of them spawn around a new star type called Radiant star (shown in pink on the universe map)

    The planets are made further than just adding biomes. For a better immersion and more fun :
    - Custom and unused weathers and musics are added.
    - Some parallaxes and sky colors are made exotic.
    - Environments have different conditions to take into account when exploring. Some biomes inflict a poisoned debuff, others have wild gravity conditions while different biomes are extremely dark (even more than Midnight) or a living paradise to explore.
    - All planets have a tier between 7 and 10 for a better challenge and interest for planet exploration. Tier for space encounters is raised to 7 around the new stars.
    - Large flying monsters spawn on surface level.
    - Tentacles biome can appear as a sub region on some planets.
    - A few unused elements are reintroduced on some planets (such as blocks, breakables, ambient sounds...)
    - Finally, some planets are more exotic that the ones you can find on vanilla and other can combine 2 mini-biomes at the same time.

    Planets don't have an erchius ghost like shown on the pictures. I just used a custom augment that adds the ghost everywhere for more challenge.

    === Mod installation and removal ===

    This mod works the same way than my other planet mod. To install this mod, download the .pak file from the link and place it into your Starbound mods folder, then move far from your position in the universe until you see radiant stars on the map (pink stars). Visit those stars and you are ready.

    - Move your ship on a normal vanilla star (very important). Mine all trees from your ship and important planets that are Crystalline, Alienweird and Whitepetals giant flowers.

    - Remove (mine) from your important planets and ship all placed objects related to heck biome (Placed heck chests, pillars, altars and breakables). Doom furniture is safe to keep.

    - Remove all the swordstone seeds you planted on your ship and important planets.
    - Any item placed in inventory and storage that came with the mod will turn into a perfectly generic item after uninstalling. This includes :
    • Saplings got from crystalline trees and whitepetals foliage giant flowers.
    • All heck biome related items excluding flesh pile and food that isn't meatchunks. Doom furniture is safe to keep.
    • Swordstone seeds.
    Other items such as saplings from other trees or anything found in the new chests (excluding heck chests) will be safe to keep.

    - From version 1.21, you must also remove the new Terraformers you placed on your ship and planets.

    - From version 1.23, Hugebipeds pets will be invalid to use after uninstalling the mod.

    === Compatibility ===

    This mod is made the same way than my other planet mod. It only adds new content and doesn't change any vanilla file. It is compatible with other mods that add new stars, planets and biomes to your game.

    Compatible with my other mod : "New Stars with Planets from Tiers 7 to 10".

    The only minor issue happens if you use a mod that also adds pink stars to the universe, distinguishing stars with the same colors may be difficult.

    === Permissions ===

    You are free to use my mod for anything you want as long as you give credit to me. I'll appreciate being quoted for my work.

    === Other notes ===

    I am open to suggestions to improve the mod if you have ideas, notice bugs or things that look weird.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. Anatomic.png
    2. Darkhive.png
    3. Etoiles filantes.png
    4. Metal + big bird.png
    5. Mushroom forest console.png
    6. Parallaxe rose + cendres.png
    7. Planet list.png
    8. prismatic console.png
    9. Rusty Industry console.png
    10. Skeletal console.png
    11. Slimerain.png
    12. Hugebiped attaque.png
    13. Terraformer.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. PlushBanshee
    Version: 1.24

    so i uploaded it to steam will full credit to you and links to this page i read the permissions about this mod and wasn't to shore if it also said i could upload it to steam if you wish for it to be removed then i am happy to do so that being said this mod will make so many people happy and lots more people need to see this great master piece :D

    link to steam
  2. BoundOffStars
    Version: 1.22
    I just checked the updates and downloaded the mod. And I have to say a few things!

    -The new planets are fun to explore. I've encountered a few close calls, but that's only part of the fun.

    -You made your own music for this mod? If so, adding a custom track only adds to the remarkable dedication this mod has to offer.

    -The difficulty is balanced, I'd say. Yes, the planets are difficult to traverse, but the rare items you get makes it worthwhile. If you want to play it safe, there's always searching the sub-biomes on the vanilla planets. Will you play it safe, or will you risk it to get that one item?

    -My only nitpick are a few typos in some of the descriptions, but that's again, a nitpick that doesn't interfere with the overall gameplay.

    This is a fantastic mod which literally expands the player's universe by quite a bit. It deserves more than three stars.
    1. Wiranum
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback.

      For the musics, I added the unused tracks I found in the assets and other tracks that previously existed but have been deleted. All the musics are (and were) originally in the game, I didn't add any custom track of me, despite doing it in such a way it seems true.

      You are the second person telling the descriptions have mistakes. English is not my first langage so can you point what descriptions contain errors so I can fix them ?
  3. Aqur
    Version: 1.22
    The mod will make me crash :(
    1. Wiranum
      Author's Response
      What kind of crash does it display in the log ? Are you using other mods too ?
      It works fine on my game
  4. Armok
    Version: 1.1
    1. Wiranum
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like the mod.

      Unfortunately I didn't go far with the bounty hunter quests yet and actually started this mod before they were implemented. I'm busy in my life at the moment but I may take a look when I'll progress further in my save. I'll watch the assets closer.

      At the moment the quests look fine on gentle stars.
  5. Zaroth
    Version: 1.1
    An excellent addition to the game. There are few mods that add new biomes, fewer still that actually do it well. Some of the ones added here do feel a bit unique, and not as simply bigger versions of their base sub biomes. Mangroves, for example. Some do just feel like that, but alas.
    The only complaints is limiting them to such a high minimum tier, and a bit of bad English in the descriptions.
    I sincerely hope you'll continue to work on this. Perhaps even try your hand at adding some entirely new planet types.
    1. Wiranum
      Author's Response
      I mostly focused on improving the postgame (here with planet exploration), which, otherwise, has very little left to do once tier 6 gear is acquired, thus making planets with tiers starting from 7.

      The tiers are actually between 7 and 10 but the game never displays 7 due to how it works. If a planet is tier 7.1 or even 7.7 it will appear as 8 instead. You can see it if you find a staff or wand somewhere to see the exact tier. The same happens in FU actually. 7.0 will be the only value showing a tier 7 level.

      About creating more biomes, I can do it but this is not the purpose of this mod which was making a planet for every secondary biome found in the game (including underground ones). Since almost all the biomes are covered, I only plan on adding one more before considering the mod being fully finished (I just got the idea now).
      If I have to make a new custom biome then it will get its own mod instead. However I'm bad with image editing.

      I don't plan to improve this mod more but I'll still maintain it if people find issues or have suggestions to improve it.

      What english problems did you find in the descriptions and in which descriptions exactly ? I read them with no trouble. If you can tell me what to fix I may do it before updating with the next biome I thought about.
  6. Sumenora
    Version: 1.0
    Very Well done i been looking for something like this for ages!
    1. Wiranum
      Author's Response
      Thanks. I'm happy it pleases you.