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Nonuniform 2.0.5

Disables uniforms from being put on new crew and villagers; able to assign new ones to each member

  1. Mobius58
    Version 2.00 released!!

    - (NEW) Completely customize on a per-crewmember basis what outfits they wear, modify in bulk, and revert to original outfits at any time by talking to a tailor!

    - Disables crew uniform entirely, recruits keep their original outfits. does not interfere with active items (swords, guns, etc) or armor value in any way.

    - Works with addon races as well as vanilla races

    - Compatible with most other mods (just saying "most" as precaution, it's worked perfectly with everything we've tried)

    - The mod can only prevent new crew members from acquiring uniforms, it cannot recover the original outfits of existing crew

    - You can add or remove this mod at any time without any problems, but crew may be given uniforms under certain conditions without the mod, and any new crew acquired while the mod is not installed cannot have their original outfits restored

    Version history:
    - Initial release
    - Compatibility with JobOffers
    - Recruited NPCs now keep their back items
    - Improved compatability with Earth's Finest, and made some code improvements
    - Compatability with Create-a-Friend
    - Fixed a bug with Create-a-Friend compatability
    - Removed the tailor crewmember type for now, since it serves no purpose at the moment
    - Completely customize on a per-crewmember basis what outfits they wear, modify in bulk, and revert to original outfits at any time by talking to a tailor!
    - fixed a bug where the headgear was not changing properly
    -compatibility with Starbound version 1.3
    -improved general compatibility
    -fixed slowdown when opening interface
    -New recruits will have their cosmetic items handled as if they were their normal items
    -Improved compatibility with Elithan races mod
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. Lightning Wing
    Lightning Wing
    Version: 2.0.5
    The only flaw with this mod is it doesn't effect headgear. Really obnoxious when you get a crew mate through a quest that gets them a weird mask or hat or something. Also if you apply the mod to an already existing game the uniform is registered as the default outfit but I doubt anything can be done about that.
  2. alex7887
    Version: 2.0.5
    Мод "jobffers" не работает правильно, предложения о работе становятся бесконечными, а это не очень хорошо.
    Пожалуйста исправьте.
    Ну а сам мод, очень хорош.

    Mod "jobffers" does not work correctly, job offers become endless, and it is not very good.
    Please correct.
    Ah and himself mod, very good.
  3. Devin_Plombier
    Version: 2.0.3
    Awesome mod. A mandatory for role play, races consistency, and even telling your crewmen apart.
    This is what the tailor should be in vanilla, no less.
    The only flaw has already been said : you might reskin the wrong crew member if you do not pay attention because of the default selection, but honestly you can live with it.

    Also I thought that a Floran, Glitch, or Novakid tailor should have a different dialog than what you wrote, it can really be bothering.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your efforts !
  4. qualiyah
    Version: 2.0.2
    Works great. I love being able to choose a unique outfit or uniform for each crew member. The only tiny flaw is the part noted by the previous reviewer: the first crewmate is always selected by default, so it's easy to accidentally change that crewmate's outfit when that wasn't my intention.
  5. Broconut
    Version: 2.0.2
    This mod is really good but I have a few problems with it.

    While the tailor UI is open, my game's frame rate starts to dip like crazy. As soon as I close the UI, the frame rate immediately goes back to normal.

    Another minor annoyance I have is that when you first open the tailor UI, the first crewmate is always selected by default. This means I have to keep manually deselecting that crewmate every time I want to apply changes to other crewmates but not the first one.

    There's also a small bug where if you select the arrow buttons, the image overlaps the one in the background but doesn't go away. This results in a duplicate of the arrow button image that persists until you close and reopen the tailor UI. You can see it partly sticking out underneath which doesn't look right. A very small detail but it's something I noticed.

    I'm still going to continue using this mod because of how awesome it is but hopefully the problems I mentioned will get fixed in the future.
  6. Chesterton
    Version: 2.0.2
    Perfect! Now i have my star trek crew :D
  7. Rakhox
    Version: 2.0
    finally fix my problem in NPC spawner mod now is possible save the change in the outfit when the crew member is hiring ...thank you
  8. notanaccount2
    Version: 2.0
    So very useful for making your crew not be a "one size fits all" bunch of robots. Very good for roleplaying and having fun.
  9. Skyligh
    Version: 2.0
    Awesome! Now my crew can have some personality. It even keeps the dye. Most importantly to me though is that I can now have crew members from mods like the Avali without them looking weird!
  10. Onyxtrazus
    Version: 1.0.6
    Simply a MUST HAVE. Finally traveling space don't mean keeping a sad uniform! It will be a lot easier to hire crew without this obligation! ;)
    Thanks for this diamond.