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Nonuniform 2.0.5

Disables uniforms from being put on new crew and villagers; able to assign new ones to each member

  1. Small update to uniform assignment

    This is a small update that changes the uniform button to work exactly how it does in vanilla now. The change only affects players who are not running mods that have or have added the head slots to the crew npcs, for these npcs the hat will not be removed and will remain like it does in vanilla this also makes it easier to change just the hat if you want.
  2. Improved compatibility with Elithan races mod

    Improved compatibility with Elithan races mod.
    Replaces tailor functionality for the tailor npc types added in the mod
    A few code improvements have also been implemented
  3. Performance and Bug fix update

    There was a bad memory leak associated with the ui drawing but not erasing or overwriting even when it drew over the same location and layer, it would still remember the old pixels. and added support for cosmetic clothes which will take priority over other items assigned to the same slot.
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  4. Compatibility with Starbound version 1.3

    With the 1.3 update some of the methods and function names changed with respect to the script canvas which in turn completely broke the ui. This update brings the mod up to date with the changes made. So now it should wok as normal.:avail:D:
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  5. Can now change crew clothing

    -Interaction with the tailor has been changed so that it now brings up a ui to select crew and select how the selected crew should be dressed
    ---can switch to the player's currently worn outfit, the normally assigned uniform and the crew members' individual clothing