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NovastarX's Ground Seeders 1.4

Adds Matter Synthesisers that spread grass, sand, crystals, etc. onto tiles + their Crafting Tables.

  1. Fixes & Changes

    I decided to rework some of the aspects of this mod to make it better and fixed some things that needed fixing.

    • There is now a single crafting table (the Synthesis Table) instead of two. I compressed everything into one and the new menu now has three tabs.
    • I fixed some of the crafting tree so that everything unlocks correctly. I also changed some of the cans' requirements to match their native biomes better.
    • There is some artwork changes...
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  2. Semantic Versioning Fix & Synchronization and Dependency Fix for FU Seeders

    Okay. THIS should take care of everything (fingers crossed). :nope:

    I made some minor changes to the file name nomenclature to better reflect how Semantic Versioning (the 1.0 number) works and it should now be accurate to the changes I made (with the Rotten Food fix, the new Tutorial messages, Blueprint Array fixes, etc). :geek:

    I also corrected the inclusions and dependencies in the FrackinUniverse Ground Seeders so it will now work with the Steam version of the Ground Seeders. (I tested...
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  3. Rotten Food Fix

    I accidentally broke the Rotten Food item with a blueprint patch. But I fixed it. So download this new version immediately if you're also using FU Seeders! :facepalm:
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  4. Artwork Fix, Blueprint Fix, Tutorial Add-In, & FU Seeders Debut

    This update fixes the blueprint patching I did which accidentally overwrote some of the crafting recipes. :facepalm: I re-patched some files to include the Material Cans after the affected objects' original blueprints.

    I also fixed an accidentally cropped Alpine Seeder image held by the player. :V

    There are now tutorial messages that will display when any of this mod's items are picked up or crafted! :monkey: I wanted to include more lore and details on why some parts look the way they do,...
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  5. Crafting Speed & Text Update

    The crafting speed has been reduced for objects per a Steam user request. I also fixed a typo on several objects. The new version also has the Steam version's generated metadata (doesn't really do anything. Just thought I'd point it out :whoop:).
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  6. Ground Seeder Recipe Fix

    Two cans had recipe objects that aren't part of 1.0, so I modified the recipes to include items that are in the game now. I also patched the appropriate items to hold the cans' blueprints respectively.