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NPC Mechs 1.04

Now your crew have their own mech - in space or on planets

  1. Crew Config + more

    some cool new bits
    add - crew config window : access via Quickbar or craft a 'Config Pad' in your C menu
    -- left click a part to select a new part, right click for a random part

    add - mechs can now pass through the forcefield on ships/stations
    -- while inside, they still need a clear path at least 4 tiles tall or wide for following

    i will *not* be doing anything about making crew get out of mech
    unmeched crew are about as useful as bbq sauce at a vegan festival
  2. Custom Crew Mechs

    Now your crew doesn't just copy your mech

    -add crew custom mech
    -tweak planetary pathing