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"Nudity" Overhaul 13.1 - Starbound 1.21

Overhauls some "nudity" aspects and makes the races smexier than ever. PG friendly ofcourse.

  1. Niran
    NOTE: This Mod does NOT include any sexual content or Adult bits.
    WARNING: This Mod needs to be installed on the server, your game and everyone else's game who is playing with you on a/the/your server. Don't report bugs that don't exist if you don't know how to properly setup, install and use a mod with/on a server.
    Reporting non existant bugs in the "Review" section and the coresponding downvote for it will get reported.

    Nexus Mod Page

    Currently compatible with: "Starbound 1.3*"
    Minimum required version: "Starbound 1.0"

    You want to run around bare chested like a gladiator or show your nice hair? this is for you!

    So what does this mod do? It overhauls some general aspects of "nudity" in Starbound, it adds several Vanity Items that can be used to hide one or more armor parts, makes humans completely naked and makes their underwear a seperate armor to wear for everyone, Yay (smexy Avians and Hylotl)! It will also enhance several aspects of each race in future which directly or indirectly are linked to nudity or partial nudity aswell. See the upcoming part for more info.

    Please tell me what you think and if you got any suggestion, i'm always listening.

    Crafting recipes:

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    FAQ & Support:
    Is this mod Multiplayer compatible?
    • Yes. Both client and Server will need this mod installed for this to fully and properly work.
    Does the server need to have this mod to work?
    • Most certainly since the new mod system, it may work without having it supported by the server but others won't see your stuff being hidden and your items become "Perfectly Generic Items" if they are thrown to the ground / picked up by someone who doesn't have this mod / put into a container.
    Help! my game crashes on startup.
    • Make sure no other mod is conflicting with this mod and make sure you installed it correct, then send me your Starbound.log file found in your Starbound main folder, i'm sure i can fix it if its caused by my mod.
    I cannot see/craft the new recipes at the Spinning Wheel.
    • Make sure the mod is properly installed or installed and loaded at all, then pick it up some fabric once, you should see a message popping up at the bottom telling you that you learned new recipes.
    - Male version of underwear especially top which is missing right now since human male doesnt wear any top underwear.
    - Adam & Eva censor vanity items (Suggestion from Torruun)

    Update 13.1
    -Fixed wrong groups and missing crafting time for censorbar top.

    Update 13.0
    - Fixed the mod for Starbound 1.0.
    - Changed fabric to be the blueprint giver now.

    Update 12.0
    - Updated and uploaded the mod to steam workshop.

    Update 11.0
    - Fixed for latest stable update, Upbeat Giraffe - Update 2.

    Update 10.0
    - Fixed for latest Rampaging Koala (Update 8).
    - Added support for Novakids.

    Update 9.0
    - Fixed for Enraged Koala.

    Update 8.3
    - Changed .species files to overwrite only the gender part for better mod compatibility.

    Update 8.2
    - Changed bare and censorbar armors to use pixel instead of fabric.

    Update 8.1
    - Fixed missing permadeath icon.

    Update 8.0
    - Fixed for Furious Koala.

    Update 7.1
    - Fixed mod compatibility issues with mods that alter the Spinning Wheel.

    Update 7.0
    - Fixed for "Angry Koala"

    Update 6.11
    - Removed sneaky Hylotl changes...again...

    Update 6.10
    - Removed sneaky player.config file...again...

    Update 6.9
    - Renamed "Red Top" to "Top" and "Red Undie" to "Undie" since they no longer have fixed colors (Thanks to Xochi for pointing me at this)

    Update 6.8
    - Added black censorship bars (Thanks to Torruun for this nice idea)

    Update 6.7
    - Removed the Hylotl change from this mod and added it to my private one
    - Removed all the upcoming character changes since they dont fit in this mod

    Update 6.6
    - Removed the third eye of Hylotl's (unuglyfy them)

    Update 6.5
    - Enabled tinting for underwear
    - Enabled underwear as selectable starting clothes in Character Creation

    Update 6.4
    - Changed human sprites so they are completely naked (PG)
    - Renamed the mod to something more universal

    Update 6.3
    - Added Underwear Top/Undies to wear for everyone!

    Update 6.2
    - Removed empty player.config which was causing issues

    Update 6.1
    - Added "Bare Back" item and recipe
    - Changed Spinning Wheel to give you the new recipes on pickup

    Update 6.0
    - Fixed for "Offended Koala"
    - Added support for the new Mod System

    Update 5.1
    - Added "Invisible" clothes to Character Creation

    Update 5.0
    - Fixed for "Indignant Koala"

    Update 4.0
    - Fixed for "Frustrated Koala"

    Update 3.0
    - Fixed for "Annoyed Koala"

    Update 2.0
    - Added Installation manual

    Update 1.0
    - Changed icons
    - Fixed textures (now shows preview for head, the rest is bugged game wise)
    - Renamed them to "Bare" since it sounds more "appropiate"
    - Fixed recipe for head and pants, head now needs 2 instead of 3 and pants need 3 instead of 2 fabric
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed censorbar top.
  2. Fixed for Starbound 1.0
  3. Fix for current stable.

Recent Reviews

  1. Leodrake
    Version: 13.1 - Starbound 1.21
    Wow buen mod mejora mucho la ediciĆ³n de personaje
  2. Aratashi
    Version: 13.1 - Starbound 1.21
    Cool, it works
  3. MathRune
    Version: 13.1 - Starbound 1.21
    Useful mod, now i can see the hair of my character
  4. spikeman168
    Version: 13.0 - Starbound 1.0
    Pretty good, but not what I was looking for. I'm not wanting to sound pervy, but I was hoping for genitalia, since that is part of the body, and is, by every definition, natural. Even more weird, is that you make it so you can be as naked as possible, but not add genitalia. I under stand it's supposed to be Pg friendly, but maybe another version of this, less PG friendly?
    1. Niran
      Author's Response
      You are on the wrong website for adult content. This website doesn't allow adult content, not to mention genitalia looks just awful on a such small resolution.
  5. Armeris
    Version: 13.0 - Starbound 1.0
    Simply, natural, usefull ^^
  6. Jade Rabbit
    Jade Rabbit
    Version: 11.0 - Upbeat Giraffe
    And updated! nice.
  7. anitakai
    Version: 11.0 - Upbeat Giraffe
    Neat lil mod.
  8. Groobas97
    Version: 11.0 - Upbeat Giraffe
    Finally i can hide the headgear :D
  9. Starbeak87
    Version: 11.0 - Upbeat Giraffe
    This is an excellent addition to my starbounding experience! and much of what everyone else has said I agree with!
  10. XxRarityx17
    Version: 11.0 - Upbeat Giraffe
    Swag. Can actually play the gaim now XD