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"Nudity" Overhaul 13.1 - Starbound 1.21

Overhauls some "nudity" aspects and makes the races smexier than ever. PG friendly ofcourse.

  1. Fixed censorbar top.

    Fixed censorbar top not appearing properly in the spinningwheel.
  2. Fixed for Starbound 1.0

    Fixed recipes not appearing in spinningwheel.
  3. Fix for current stable.

    Should work fine for the latest stable version "Upbeat Giraffe".

    Tested and worked, you will need to copy mods into the giraffe_storage/mods folder now instead of the top level mods folder.

  4. Fixies for Nightlies.

    Finally, i came around to fix it for the very latest Nightlies build. Thanks for continuing to bug me about it. I really wanted this mod updated but the new modding system broke my mind (and brain) several times.

    You should thank Kawa a thousand times for helping me in the announcement post and for having patch/merge/validate/diff tools on his website which ultimately saved my mod from becoming dead forever.

    This update fixes incompatibility with the latest Nightlies and adds support for...
  5. Fixed for Enraged Koala

    Update 9.0
    • Compatibility with Enraged Koala
  6. Reduced .species files to their minimum for more compatibility with other mods.

    • .species files to overwrite only the gender part for better mod compatibility
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  7. Changed recipes to use money instead of any material.

    All invisible and censorbar armors now just need 1 pixel for easier access, didn't make any sense that you needed fabric for "nothing". Underwear still needs fabric however.
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  8. Added the missing permadeath portrait icon.

    Yup. Rushed update for compatibility was rushed.

    Just a minor fix, nothing really important.
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  9. Updated for Furious Koala.

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  10. Replaced the Spinning Wheel with a mod compatible version that merges its changes in.

    Because it became necessary.
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