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nuggubs' Mega Mod 1.4.0-pre9.7

Adds a whole lot of cool junk and small changes in a very vanilla way

  1. Ideally 1.3.1 but i goofed

    Additions since 1.3.0
    • Sand-man (blueprint spawns in ocean biomes)
    • TV from S2E8 (Rage Against the TV) of Regular Show
    • Cellwoman, feminine friend for Cellman
    • Copper, Silver, Gold, Coal, Core Fragment, Erchius, Diamond, Prism Shard, Solarium and Silver Tech Chests
    • Gold Furniture (Gold Table, Solid Gold Chair, Aztec Gold Chair, Aztec Gold Table, Gold Fridge, Deluxe Gold Bed)
    • Jungle Ferny Chair, blueprint should spawn in Jungle biomes
    • Protectorate Banner (+ Peacekeeper and Racial versions)
    • Wheelie Street Bins (Red, Yellow, Green, Paper & Clinical)
    • Saucy Fiend Painting
    • Arcade Machines from S1E2 (Just Set Up the Chairs) of Regular Show, and specifically the S1E2 designs
    • Retro Sci-Fi Movie Poster (Attack! of the Noxiphages)
    • Urban Potted Eden Bush
    • Ethnic Mask (beta Tribal Mask)
    • Explorer Set Helmet, sold by merchants that can sell other parts of the Explorer set
    • Desert set robes (Just robes), refixelize vanilla desert chest &/or legs
    • Vanity sets for "planned" NPCS
    • Remastered beta Wartwine & Whiskey Bottle, sold at obtainable (not Outpost) Beakeasy Bar
    • nuggubs, Bubbles and Nyubu plushies
    Fixes since 1.3.0
    • Fixed cloth folding chair and red tent overlay problem
    • Ability to refixelize the Dark PC to its old version and back
    • Ability to switch Ship Light (small), Lightbulb, Flickering Lightbulb, Underwater Light, Club Light, Wooden Table Lamp, Wooden Lamp, Wooden Ceiling Lamp on and off
    • Texture changes to Horizontal Hazard Tape, Vertical Hazard Tape, Horizontal Danger Sign & Vertical Hazard Tape to be consistent with each other and also Hazard Block
    • Update to (Multiverse Goods) Sharky's sprites
    • Crafting Recipes for Opulent Furniture using Kyrenite found in certain underground biomes' treasure loot pools
    • Ethnic Mask and Swag Glasses now available as costume loot
    • Fixed "Flame Studio Sign" not being sold properly
    • Adjusted item rarities
    • Added Neki and Slime scan text for protectorate2 furniture & a few others
    • Fixed a shipload of Spawnable Items Pack compat problems
    • Fixed a conflict with Moon Melon mod
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