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nuggubs' Mega Mod 1.4.0-pre9.7

Adds a whole lot of cool junk and small changes in a very vanilla way

  1. The Not-Quite-1.4 Update Part 1

    • A bunch of plushies (almost too many to list)
    • More objects from the Urban fan-concept
    • Some revamped official concept objects
    • Some revamped legacy content
    • Revamped Alpha-Beta light wood furniture
    • More wall decorations including this sweet blueprint
    • Too many figurines
    • Hylotl crates & teleporter
    • Dino nuggies and marshmallows, yay!
    • Three new blocks: Lihzahrd Bricks, Rustic Timber Planks & Retro Arcade Carpet

    • Ability to interact with the Old Television
    • Made figurines and sodas cheaper
    • Tech Chests now glow in the dark, per their description
    • Deep-Sea Collectibles now sells more stuff and also less stuff
    • Members of the Occasus cult have learned to spell the name of their own cult properly
    • A crap ton more fixes
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