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Ore Plants+ Cheated [No longer maintained] 1.61.3

A cheated version of greenRAM's version. (Sorta like a mod of a mod...)

  1. CopperBoltwire
    As of the 27th of May 2019:
    If you want to take over, you are welcome to.
    Not only have I started streaming every day, but there is far more interesting games for me to play, that Starbound has been shelved.

    Cannot update this mod until greenRAM updates his mod - I'm not THAT skilled at modding. - Once he updates his mod, then so will I. Until then, live without this mod as I will haft to... DRAT!
    Original mod author and links
    Chucklefish Mod version by greenRAM
    Steam Workshop version by greenRAM
    Please give greenRAM all the credit for this and the original mod.
    All I did was modify some variables and make it a separate mod with his permission.

    DO NOT use this mod together with the original mod made by greenRAM, they will conflict!
    If you are subscribed to the Workshop version, unsubscribe to it and then install this mod!
    Also, if you use the original mod, cut/destroy all plants and put them in containers BEFORE you install this mod, just in case.
    (I honestly don't know how the game will react when installing my mod in place of the original mod... never tried, and no one has yet to tell me.)

    About the mod, and more
    # Plants #
    Made all stages of all ore plants grow in 1 second.
    Normally, most plants takes up to 20-99 minutes to grow from seedling to harvest-ready.
    Now it only takes 2-5 seconds depending on how many stages the plant has. (Each stage takes 1 second to grow.)

    Also most plants, especially those used the most, been upgraded to output x10 it's resource.
    Example: Normally, sandblock seed would give a chance to drop 1, 2 or 4 items.
    Now the plant drops 10, 20 or 40 sandblocks.

    # Making items into seeds #
    Normally stackable items would need 10 of such items to make 1 seed of such item.
    Now, Stacking, or no stacking, you only need 1 item to make 1 seed.

    # Upgrading or Buying upgrades #
    Some items needed a number of the resource + the seed to upgrade it from T1 to T2. Not any more; now it only needs 1 of said resource + the seed.

    Mod support requests?
    Yeah I take requests, just use the discussion forums and when I pop in to the forums, I'll go on a binge-read and see what requests are made and reply when I can.

    Plans / To-Do
    ¤¤¤ Idea / Plan 1 - Main focus as of 17/03/2018 ¤¤¤
    Because I find the amount of items supported a great deal overkill, I have decided to Rip Core mod apart into 3 parts:
    1: Core - Will only contain the 3 machines/workbenches which will be the backbone of the mod.
    2: Vanilla pack 1 (VP1) - Support all crafting materials normally used for crafting/upgrading.
    3: Vanilla pack 2 (VP2) - Support for all the other items currently in the core mod.

    ¤¤¤ Idea / Plan 2 ¤¤¤
    Make further FU item support, as it's not enough as it is.
    Tedious is an understatement currently, but was somewhat alleviated when I made support for all extracted items.
    Want to make further support to common crafting materials.

    Supported mods and links
    Base/vanilla game - (Steam)
    This is the base game, and the link to it because I think I'm a little bit funny. And who knows, maybe you'd like a link to the base game on steam... So um... there ya go.

    Frackin Universe - (Steam / Chucklefish)
    Added support for all items that comes as output of the extractor, as it's horridly slow! Not much else has been done yet. May add support for special monster drops as well.
    (No need to install the Support mod if you do not have the actual mod.)

    Enhanced Storage Mod - (Steam / Chucklefish)
    Added the crystal as a growable resource, nothing else was needed.
    (I HIGHLY recommend this mod)
    (No need to install the Support mod if you do not have the actual mod.)

    Elithian Races Mod - (Steam / Chucklefish)
    Added support for ALL monster drops. Nothing else.
    (I REALLY love this mod!)
    (No need to install the Support mod if you do not have the actual mod.)

    Uros IV - (Chucklefish)
    Like with Base mod, shortened times and needed items.
    (No need to install the Support mod if you do not have the actual mod.)

    Garden bots 2 - (Steam / Chucklefish)
    Like with Base mod, shortened times and needed items.
    (No need to install the Support mod if you do not have the actual mod.)

    RPG Growth - (Steam / Chucklefish)
    Wanted to support this mod as well, so here it is.
    Experience and stat points.
    Don't use all your stat points you can distribute, save at least one so you can convert it into a seed so you can grow more points. Same goes for experience points. Enjoy.
    (No need to install the Support mod if you do not have the actual mod.)

    The Universal Uncrafter - (Steam / Chucklefish)
    No, No support in the sense of this mod, I just wanted to link it here as I HIGHLY recommend this mod!

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.