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Ore Plants+ Cheated [No longer maintained] 1.61.3

A cheated version of greenRAM's version. (Sorta like a mod of a mod...)

  1. Just a little more FU support

    Playing around with FU some more revealed that a few more items needed support.
    Also had to remove "support" from some items that no longer exists in FU.
    Sooo... YEah...
    Been a while since i did an update... Computer is MEGA crash happy - But as of this update will be getting a new computer VERY soon... So may go Bonkers doing more updates... Who knows...

    In the mean time, enjoy this update.

    Remember, until greenRAM updates 1.62 and fixes the current issues in his mod which has already...
  2. Woohoo, caught up with greenRAM's version

    Tiny edits here and there, as well catching up to greenRAM's version.
    Overhauled the Treasure drops.

    Misc mod version i have added will be obsolete in version 1.61.2
    (It's the next patch/update)
  3. Massive update to Elithian Races Mod Support

    Now I have made support for Avikian and Trikian Crafting Components - All of them <3
    That took WAY to long to update... 3 days... with distractions.
    Enjoy... I certainly will.

    That was a tedious work...
  4. FU Support mod update

    Fixed Carbon Plate, Graphene, Adv. Circuit, Electromagnet, Microchip, Plastic Polymer, Adv. Alloy, Quantum Processor seeds not actually giving anything - Possibly fixing some crashes to boot.
    Removed a double entry in cropharvest.tresurepools.patch - How i missed this, I don't know...

    Remember, you can always ask me to make mod support or specialized item support.
  5. Oh for crying out loud....

    Okay so hitting FU with a soft pillow did not work...
    Fixed crash when harvesting Advanced Processors... IT was trying to look for something to drop that does not exists ("YYYYY-"). I was a bit hasty in my release of my mod... Sorry...

    Updated RPG Growth Smod, it was not actually dong what it was supposed to do, and FU mod with a minor Hotfix to HOPEFULLY fix the issues.

    Also, i overlooked the fact you can't create the ExperienceOrb or Statpoint seeds, neither could you make the darn FU...
  6. FU Support mod update

    Fixed Advanced Plastic recipes not doing what it was told. Beat it with a pillow a few times until submission, now it does as it's told.

    Added some early common FU crafting materials as well. Like Advanced Processor and such...

    If you wonder what is supported, you can open the mod and navigate to Addons folder in the Objects folder, and look at all the CB_ folders, those are the ones added myself.

    Also Added a "Misc" Mod which support "Vault Keys"
    and "Flowery Blocks" as...
  7. RPG Growth Support

    Added a support mod/addon for RPG Growth mod - Check description for links to mentioned mod.

    Items supported: Experience points and Stat Points.
  8. Huh, missed a few...

    Missed a few durations in Core mod, like with randomly generated weapons seeds...
    Fixed that now...
    I swear i had that fixed...
    Guess not...
    66 instances was corrected...
  9. Nothing special - Just a minor mod name change

    Just changed the file, folder and mod names to be a little more in line with what looks pleasing to me.
    Not much else then that.
    You do not need to update your mods with this, but you are of course allowed to.

    If you download any of the "Ore plants+ C ###" you will get an error and maybe even a crash to desktop, meaning that you WILL have to update all of the current mods you use of mine to the new format. If this is inconvenient, sorry about that.

    On the bright side, it should...
  10. Titanium Ore T2 Mini-fix

    For "CBs Version"
    Apparently it was not growing fast enough... So fixed the Titanium Ore T2 seed to grow like all the others... FAST.