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Ore Plants+ (RAM's version) v1.64

Converts stuff into seeds. Farm stuff!

  1. greenRAM
    Ore Plants+ (RAM's version) (Tested on: stable)
    • 1000+ new plants.
    • 15 new legendary fish tools to discover.
    • Frackin' Universe's ore and liquids are supported.
    • Gardenbot 2.0 (Reboot Edition)'s bots are supported.
    • +Money Plants and Voxel Plants


    Ore, Refined Ore-Compounds, Liquids, Materials, Throwables, FU Ore, FU Liquids, Dyes, Stims, Tools, Mining Tools, Random Weapons, Random Shields, Relocator, Staves, Flashlights, Petals, Bugs, Giant Flower Petals, Teleporters, Instruments, Spawners, Plant Fibre, Glow Fibre, Stims, tier 1-4 foods, Produce, Cooked and Raw Meats, Shop Consumables, Apex Objects, Alpaca Runes, Skyrails, Action Figures, Crafting Stations, Augments, Reward Bag, Pet Collars, Tradegoods, Salvage, Gardenbot 2.0's bots, Money, Voxels ...also poop.

    See "Full List of Plantables" txt document for the full list.

    Not Everything a.jpg
    Not Everything b.jpg

    Things to do:

    1. Add plants for the rest of the object items in the game.
    2. Continue to look for more changes that were made in recent updates.
    There shouldn't be too much more left to do after that.

    thefriendlyinsomniac's showcase:

    Step By Step Guide:

    Step 1: At the Infinity Express buy a Seed Machine for 1000 pixels.
    Step 2: Use the seed machine to convert:
    1 - weapon, tool, mining tool or fishing rod into their seeds.
    1 - produce into a tier 0 produce seed.
    10 - most items and materials (that are supported) into their seeds.
    10 - ores into a tier 0 ore seed.
    10 - liquids into a tier 0 liquid seed.
    Step 3: Plant seeds on tilled ground. (There are hanging seeds and wall seeds as well)
    Step 4: Water, wait and harvest! (Wait time is based on the rarity of the item being harvested)
    Step 5: At the Infinity Express buy a Seed Converter or Seed Upgrade Market for 1000 pixels.
    Step 6: Use the Seed Converter or the Seed Upgrade Market to upgrade your ore seeds five times, your liquid seeds four times, and your compound, produce and food seeds once. Each additional seed tier is unlocked by creating (or picking up) the previous tier's seed. (There is also secret ultimate upgrades!)

    Drop Chance Values for Ore Plants:

    Drop chances for tier zero ore plants:
    10/10: 1 drop

    Drop chances for tier one ore plants (and most other new farmables):
    5/10: 1 drop
    3/10: 2 drops
    2/10: 4 drops

    Drop chances for tier two ore plants:
    5/10: 2 drop
    3/10: 4 drops
    2/10: 8 drops

    Drop chances for tier three ore plants:
    5/10: 4 drop
    3/10: 8 drops
    2/10: 16 drops

    Drop chances for tier four ore plants:
    5/10: 8 drop
    3/10: 16 drops
    2/10: 32 drops

    Drop chances for tier five ore plants:
    8/10: 25 drop
    2/10: 1 seed drop

    Drop Chance Values for Liquid Plants:

    Drop chances for tier zero liquid plants:
    10/10: 5 drops

    Drop chances for tier one liquid plants:
    5/10: 5 drops
    3/10: 10 drops
    2/10: 20 drops

    Other Drop Chance Values:

    Drop chances for tool plants:
    19/20: 1 drop
    1/20: 1 legendary drop instead! (All legendary drops are fish versions of the tool)

    Drop chances for weapon plants:
    10/10: 1 random weapon

    Drop chances for tier zero produce and food plants:
    10/10: 1 drop

    Secret Ultimate Plants:

    Ultimate Liquid Plant
    every T-4 liquid seed
    Drops: every liquid

    Ultimate Ore Plant
    every T-4 ore seed
    Drops: every ore

    Ultimate Compound plant
    every compound, star, rod and bar seed
    Drops: every compound and bar

    Ultimate FU Liquid Plant
    every FU T-4 liquid seed
    Drops: every FU liquid

    Ultimate FU Ore Plant
    every FU T-4 ore seed
    Drops: every FU ore

    Drop chances for ultimate plants:
    x/10: ??? (a lot)

    Moneyplant +voxelplant

    Step 1: At the Infinity Express buy:
    A Tier 0 Money Seed for 100 pixels.
    With the Seed Machine convert:
    1k voxel into 1 Tier 0 Voxel Seed.
    2k voxels into 2 Tier 0 Voxel Seeds.
    5k voxels into 5 Tier 0 Voxel Seeds.
    10k voxels into 10 Tier 0 Voxel Seeds.
    Step 2: Plant seeds on tilled ground.
    Step 3: Harvest for profit!
    Step 4: Upgrade in the Seed Converter! The next tier seed drops extremely rarely.

    Drop Chance Values
    T0 money plants:
    10 pixels
    2/10: 10 pixels
    2/10: 10 pixels
    2/10: 10 pixels
    1/10: next tier seed
    T1 money plants:
    10 pixels
    3/10: 20 pixels
    2/10: 40 pixels
    1/10: 200 pixels
    Rare drop: next tier seed
    T2 money plants:
    20 pixels
    3/10: 40 pixels
    2/10: 80 pixels
    1/10: 400 pixels
    Rare drop: next tier seed
    T3 money plants:
    40 pixels
    3/10: 80 pixels
    2/10: 160 pixels
    1/10: 800 pixels
    Rare drop: next tier seed
    T4 money plants:
    80 pixels
    3/10: 160 pixels
    2/10: 320 pixels
    1/10: 1600 pixels
    Rare drop: initial tier seed
    T5 money plants:
    1000 pixels
    2/10: 1000 pixels
    2/10: 1000 pixels
    2/10: 1000 pixels
    Rare drop: T5 money seed

    T0 voxel plants:
    4/10: 1 1k voxel
    3/10: 1 1k voxel
    2/10: 1 1k voxel
    1/10: 1 1k voxel
    Rare drop: next tier seed
    T1 voxel plants:
    4/10: 1 1k voxel
    3/10: 2 1k voxels
    2/10: 4 1k voxels
    1/10: 1 2k voxel
    Rare drop: next tier seed
    T1 voxel plants:
    4/10: 1 2k voxel
    3/10: 2 2k voxels
    2/10: 4 2k voxels
    1/10: 1 5k voxel
    Rare drop: next tier seed
    T1 voxel plants:
    4/10: 1 5k voxel
    3/10: 2 5k voxels
    2/10: 4 5k voxels
    1/10: 1 10k voxel
    Rare drop: next tier seed
    T1 voxel plants:
    4/10: 1 10k voxel
    3/10: 2 10k voxels
    2/10: 4 10k voxels
    1/10: 10 10k voxels
    Rare drop: initial tier seed

    Fish Tools

    Fish Drill: Rare drop from the drill plants. One handed. Powerful.
    Medium Fishaxe: Rare drop from the pickaxe plants. One handed. Powerful.
    Fish Bug Net: Rare drop from the bug net plant. One handed. Increased speed.
    Fish Chainsaw: Rare drop from the chainsaw plant. One handed. Powerful.
    Fish Grappling Hook: Rare drop from the grappling hook plant. Much longer reach. Ninja-like initial reel-in speed. Adds damage and weak poison. One handed.
    Fish Hoe: Rare drop from the hoe plant. One handed. Increased speed.
    Fish Staff: Rare drop from the staff plants. One handed. Similar to Tesla's Staff, but more powerful and consumes less energy.
    Fish Fishing Rod: Rare drop from the fishing rod plants. One handed. Is comparable to the Durable Fishing Rod.
    Fish Broom: Rare drop from the broom plant. One handed. Comparable to the broom.
    Fish Watering Can: Rare drop from the watering can plants. One handed. Increased speed.
    Fish Sprinkler: Rare drop from the sprinkler plant. Connects to floors, ceilings and walls. Drops liquid water. Uses the same projectile as heavy rains, so be wary of flooding if you're using my Flooding mod with this.
    Fish Bomb: Rare drop from the bomb plant. Throw distance is doubled. Explosive radius is doubled. Explodes into a blanket of flames. Retrievable after use.
    Fish Shield: Rare drop from the shield plant. Slightly more resilient then the stronger shields. Can run while holding it. Can aim it.
    Fish Relocator: Rare drop from the relocator plant. Increased max range. One handed. Increased creature storage to 10.
    Fish Fossil Brush: Rare drop from the fossil brush plant. Is equivalent to the Master Fossil Brush.
    Fish Rope: Rare drop from climbing rope plant. Ninja-like initial reel-in speed. Drops Fish Rope rope after use. Adds damage and weak poison.

    Drop chance: About 1/20 for each fish tool.


    • What do I use to create the random generating weapon plants? Try your racial weapons or some of the random weapons that you end up picking up in the game.
    • Why are my randomly generating weapons underpowered? The level of your generated weapons are determined by the level of the planet they are generated on. Your ship world is level 0, so expect to reap very weak weapons from your ship's garden.
    • How do I upgrade my seeds? Go to the Infinity Express at the Outpost and buy an Seed Converter. Use this converter to update your liquids, ore, produce, food, money and compound seeds. You can't upgrade other seeds. I don't have any plans on creating upgraded version of other plants.
    • Why should I update my plants? Tier 2-4 doubles the drops for each additional ore and liquid seed upgrade. However, the resource cost to upgrade increases for each of those additional tiers substantially. This might be worth the cost if you would like a more compact farm. Alternatively, planting more of the initial seeds is already pretty effective.
    • Why are there no seed drops? All plants are persistent, so you can keep harvesting without replanting and collecting seeds. Use the seed machine to make more seeds. Use the seed converter to upgrade your ore and liquid seeds. Alternatively, you can add rare seed drops on liquid and ore seeds by using the seed drop addon.
    • Is this mod balanced? All growth rates for plants are based on its drop's rarity level. Common and Uncommon plantables are going to grow faster then vanilla plants. Rare plantables have about the same growth rate as most vanilla plants. Legendary plantables are about double the growing time as vanilla plants. If there is anything else you feel is too overpowered just give me a shout and I'll take another look at it.
    • Do all of the plants need tilled ground? Maids do not need tilled ground. A maid shouldn't really. Also there are hanging plants that just need a ceiling to hang from. Many of the ceiling plants glow, so feel free to use them as hanging lamps! There are also background plants that attach to any background material.
    • Do these plants need to be watered? Yes! Mostly. The liquid plants don't need to be watered. Any plant that doesn't need tilled ground doesn't need to be watered as well. With all the great automated watering systems being added, both by talented modders and within the vanilla game, I felt that this might be a good time to enable the watering mechanics for these plants.
    • Is FrackinUniverse compatible? Yes. FU ore and liquids are supported. I won't be supporting any of the other FU resources in this mod. Why? Because, adding any more might hurt its crafting balance.
    • Will you add support for other mods? Probably not. Sorry. Why? Mostly because there's still a lot more work to be done with just the vanilla assets. I also don't play with a lot of other mods other than FU that adds additional resources to the game, so the work that it would take to support other mods isn't very appealing to me. I make exceptions though.
    • Can I use this mod with the Unstable and Nightly branches? Sometimes, but not always. Sorry. This mod is made for and tested in the Stable branch. As the Nightly branch changes nightly, mods will often break. The main Unstable branch as well will eventually implement new mechanics which will require very massive updates to existing mods. Most mod authors thus will stick just with the Stable branch. I'm inclined to do the same, though if you give me a shout about a break on those branches I'll be happy to look into seeing what it might take to get it to work again.
    • How do I get the secret ultimate seeds? To get the recipe just create or pickup one of the seeds that the recipe calls for. For instance, the ultimate ore seed will unlock when you pickup any tier 4 ore seed. The recipe then calls for all of the tier 4 ore seeds. You then craft it in the Seed Converter just like any other seed upgrade.


    This mod includes "point lights" for every light source added in the mod. Expect a frame rate drop for those that are making big farms and aren't playing on a higher end machine. I am unwilling to make a more performance friendly version at this point. There is an alternative solution for those getting hit with frame rate drops from this though. A hard handed fix would be to disable point light shadows altogether, thus making this mod and the rest of the game much more performance friendly for you, though also slightly less attractive.

    I made a quick mod for anyone that is interested in this heavy-handed performance fix:
    No Shadows

    Thanks to:
    bloo808's original orefarming mod, as I edited the abandoned assets to create this.
    KateisLost's Ore Plants mod for bringing back orefarming and making this version possible.
    Mackinz's updated Compact Crops mod for the less land edit.
    Z MAT's Maid Object mod for his super cute maid assets.
    KMo aka Starbrethren for showcasing this mod.
    Afterwork Gaming aka thefriendlyinsomniac for showcasing this mod.
    sayter's Frackin' Universe for the wonderful new liquids and ores to play with.
    Caudyr for all of his contributions, especially his assistance with the mechanics of the project.
    TanzNukeTerror's Tanz' Lighting Overhaul! mod for his point light edit. I do love shadows.
    LoPhatKao's Gardenbot 2.0 (Reboot Edition) mod for his great bots to play with.
    Dozer's Pixel Farming mod for the original moneyplants idea
    And Caudyr's no-lag edit for the moneyplants
    And Chucklefish! Cant forget to thank the game makers themselves. Thanks for all the hard work.

    CopperBoltwire's Cheated Version. An easy version for anyone that wants quicker crop yields.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

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    Version: V1.62 (1.4 fix!)
    Works great. Didn't expect the balance to be great given the premise but it actually seems to mesh well with the vanilla progression.
  4. CopperBoltwire
    Version: 1.60
    I JUST realized I never put a review down.
    I love this mod, so much so I ended up making a cheated version of the mod. greenRAM was so nice to put a link in the description to my mod. It's basically a mod of a mod.
    Personally, I hope our mods don't stop working... ever. Love both of 'em!
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    Спасибо за такой классный мод! :)
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    Awesome mod
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    Version: 1.44
    Great mod, but very OP. There is one thing you can get very early game and convert to seed. After an hour of gameplay you will have a lot of seeds of this thing and it will give you LOADS of money. It is better than moneyseed. Warning spoiler dont read!!!
    This thing is reward bag. Earn some, convert to seeds, grow some, make more seeds, after hour of gameplay you will have full inventory of reward bags. Opening them all gives you huge amount of money
    1. greenRAM
      Author's Response
      That's true. I tend to play on short bursts with perma-death so anything that helps speed up progression without skipping any aspects of the game altogether feels balanced to me. There are a lot of OP exploits in this mod similar to the one you mentioned.
  8. Grimicle
    Version: 1.40
    Love it! I like to try to make mining dungeons that go deep into high tier planets so the deeper you go the better ore plants are at higher tiers I also use action spawners to create trap rooms.
  9. BlueYoshi68
    Version: 1.38
    Please update for 1.2 and I will change my rating
    1. greenRAM
      Author's Response
      Sounds like something is broken. Care to let me know what it is in the "Discussions" tab? I don't have a lot of time to spare on gaming or mods right now, so whatever information can speed up the process in updating this would be appreciated.
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    Version: 1.37 fix
    Awesome mod! Was looking for a set of mods that would allow automation of everything and this is the last piece of the puzzle