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Ore Plants+ (RAM's version) v1.64

Converts stuff into seeds. Farm stuff!

  1. V1.64 FU addon update

    -Added 4 missing liquids and 1 missing ore for the FU addon.
    -Compressed most of the non-compressed images.
    -Converted it all to pak files to further compress it. I'm hoping that will help with some load bloat.
    -A few other small edits to images and descriptions. Nothing noticeable.

    Happy homesteading!
  2. v1.63 a bug fix mostly

    -Fixed a bug where one of the ore plants was crashing the game when it tried to grow.
    -I also also added three of the new FU liquids introduced since last update.

    Have a good harvest!
  3. V1.62 (1.4 update fix!)

    A quick fix to make it work with the 1.4 update. I just removed the level edits the levelingmultipliers.functions file, making farming weapons and shields on your ship unfeasible again.

    Included in this update is some of the minor fixes that I've been working on, mostly recipe problems. I didn't get to the FU changes, and I'm not sure if or when I'll ever get to that, but it's on my list of things to do. One major change you might notice in this update is to the Seed Market. Buying updates...
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  4. V1.62 fix for FU addon

    This simply removes the recipes from the FU addon that were causing a crash in the Seed Market.

    Nothing else has changed for this update, so if you're not using the FU addon, there's no need to download this.

    Happy farming!
  5. V1.62

    Bug fixes! Thanks to Deku-Miguel for uncovering posting those bugs.

    I also added the Big Ape Doll as a plantable. Everyone needs a creepy doll harvest.

    Happy planting starfarmers!
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  6. V1.61

    Added Vault Key as a plantable! Some small bug fixes I've been meaning to update.

    Happy harvesting!
  7. v1.60 Food items done!

    A few minor bug fixes. The rest of the food is completed! 14 new plantables. 2 new maids that dispense drinks.

    New plantables:
    Burning Eyeballs, Coralcreep Curry, Hot Bone, Hot Hot Hotpot, Neonmelon Jam, Pearlpea Parcels, Pozest, Spicy Feathercrown, Spicy Ribs, Ultimate Juice, Volcanic Salsa, Wartweed Jam, Wartweed Jam Donut, Wartweed Stew

    Happy homesteading starfarmers!
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  8. V1.58

    All done with the T5 foods. 9 new food plants for that teir with their T0 versions. A few small modifications and bug fixes.

    New plantables: Pizzap Slice, Rusty Pasty, Bolt O's, Eggshoot Ice Cream, Eggshoot Salad, Eyebowls, Nuts'n'Bolts, Piodia Slice, Zmash

    Happy homesteading starfarmers!
  9. V1.57 ...some more bug fixes!

    Just a bug fix update. The FU addon's recipe and names had some problems, so I went through them in-game and fixed what I found. Nothing new, so feel free to skip this one if you don't use the FU addon.
  10. v1.56

    Not a big update.

    Re-organized the Seed Market, separating the buying and selling of seeds into their own tabs. I also went through the FU recipes for the Seed Market, making sure there isn't any more naming conflicts.
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