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Ore Plants+ (RAM's version) v1.64

Converts stuff into seeds. Farm stuff!

  1. V1.55

    More T0 food plants added for your no-stacking needs. One big bug fix.

    I finished up updating the T4 food items. I still have T5 and T6 left to go.

    I also fixed the weird recipe problem, where recipes weren't loading. It looks like the game doesn't like having recipes with the same name, even if they're in different folders. Hopefully, there's no more big bugs like that anymore.

    Happy homesteading starfarmers!
  2. V1.54 More bug Fixes?!

    Thanks Deku-Miguel!

    I've been working on bug fixes mostly since the last update. It seems there was still a lot of bugs to be worked out. Thanks again for all the critical feedback. It goes a long way in smoothing out the rough spots. Hopefully, I can get back to working on fun stuff like adding in more farmables after this.
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  3. V1.53

    Still no new plants!?!?!?! ...alright. :rofl:

    Adds a lot of new recipes for the Seed Market for the different money seeds and for FU ore and liquids. I also went back and rebalanced the recipes and some of the droppools for the different money seeds as they all seemed way OP for what they are. Hopefully, this reballancing will add some added fun and chanllange to farming for money. There was also some bug fixes in this update for previous recipes, some of which keen eyed users pointed out....
  4. V1.52

    No new plants again?!?!?!

    Added a rare drop for the Climbing Rope. The Fish Rope works a bit differently than a normal climbing rope, allowing you to have an initial super fast burst of ninja speed to propel you, and then allows you to propel up and down the rope after that normally. It also drops another Fish Rope after you disengage.

    Also, changed the Fish Grappling Hook to match these new Fish Rope mechanics.

    Happy Homesteading!
  5. v1.51

    No new plants again?!

    In this update I went over a few small bugs that were bugging me and I created a little over 200 new recipes for the new Seed Market machine. You can now "sell" your ore, liquid or compound seeds back for about half their materiel cost. This should make collecting seeds with the seed drop addon a bit more profitable.

    Happy homesteading!
  6. V1.50

    No new plants?! This update mainly implements a new crafting station that allows you to upgrade seeds using pixels. I tried going with prices that I'm comfortable paying in my own games. I'm not sure how balanced it is, so feedback is welcome. LIke all the other crafting stations, this one is available at the Infinity Express at the Outpost. The pixel art for this one is based loosely on Z MAT's super cute maid assets.

    Included in this update is a few bug fixes. I also made the file size...
  7. V1.49

    Some bug fixes. I'm in the middle of working through the food plants, adding missing ones and creating T0 versions of current food plants to make them plantable with the current vanilla game.

    New plantables: Pussplum Jam!
  8. V1.48 T5 ore plants? What?! Banana Split! Yum!!

    I added a fifth tier to all vanilla ore plants. I haven't upgraded the FU ore plants yet. I'd like to work on a version for the liquid next. The new plants cost a lot and give a steady droprate that is relatively low for the cost. However, to make up for this I've included a relatively high seed drop rate. Meaning that these are designed to be like weeds, multiplying rapidly. They also can be placed on the ceiling or tilled ground and require no watering. I was hoping for them to be a kind...
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  9. V1.47 Tradegoods?!

    Added all tradegoods as farmables. Also, fixed a couple more bugs. Four plants added. So, not a big update, but I wanted to send those bug fixes out.

    Plantables added: Electronic Parts, Food Rations, Medical Supplies, Weapon Parts

    Happy homesteading, starfarmers!
  10. 1.46 quick fix!

    Another bug down! Thought I'd better update it as it prevented the ultimate compound plant to work. Should work now. I also fixed a few more things in the ultimate plants while I was in there.