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Ore Plants+ (RAM's version) v1.64

Converts stuff into seeds. Farm stuff!

  1. V1.46 Avesmingo Juice!

    Mostly, just bug fixes. I've been playing through and fixing bugs as I go. If there's any that I've missed please let me know in the discussions tab. I'll keep looking out for them on my end as well. Thanks for the constructive feedback so far. It's a lot of help.

    I also added the Avesmingo Juice as a plantable. It has a T0 plant as well as a maid upgrade. I really like how this maid turned out.

    Happy homesteading, starfarmers!
  2. V1.45 Salvage!

    Added salvage items. Added more liquids for the FU addon. Added the Tungsten Bar that was missing. Here's a list of all the plantables added:

    For salvage items:
    Salvaged Power Coupling, Salvaged Armor Plate, Salvaged Thruster Nozzle, Salvaged Actuator, Salvaged Interface Chip, Salvaged Proton Limiter, Salvaged Nano Receptacle

    For FU: Orange Grav-Liquid, Liquid Metallic Hydrogen, Liquid Deuterium, Beer

    ...also for: Golden Ducky!

    Happy homesteading, starfarmers!
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  3. Moneyplant T5!

    Added a new tier 5 moneyplant. Picking up a Money Seed T4 item will unlock it. The jump to the next level is a bit more steep than the previous levels. The payoff is not necessarily worth the effort for the first few drops. The rare drop on this one is a T5 money plant seed though, which should create a very high return over time as long as you keep planting the additional seed drops.

    I made a few small edits and fixes that few will notice. I also separated out the objects and recipes for...
  4. V1.43 Food Plant Progress?

    Not a big update. Added more T0 food plants tonight. I'm starting into the tier4 foods now. Fixed a few bugs. Added two new foods as plantables: Alien Fruit Juice and Avesmingo Ice Cream.

    Happy homesteading, Stargardenners!
  5. V1.42

    Still not the right one? Looks like the system didn't update the file that was uploaded. Lets try this again.
  6. V1.42

    Sorry. The last update was the wrong file. This one is the right one!
  7. V1.42

    Finished implementing T0 plants for the tier 3 foods. I reorganized a bit in how I will be dividing up the mod, making it a little simpler for me by keeping the patches to the treasurepool all together in the base mod. I also separated the Gardenbot2 Addon, making that addon optional. No new plants added this time around.

    Happy homesteading stargardeners!
  8. Again?

    Didn't work. I'm trying to upload this again this time without converting it into pak files. Perhaps that will work? Lets find out!

    edit: Worked!
  9. fix? again?!

    One more time!
  10. FIX!!!

    Bad pak files on the last update. Here's the fix. I just re-pak'd it and it seems to work this time when I tested them out. Thanks to those that let me know.