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Ore Plants+ (RAM's version) v1.64

Converts stuff into seeds. Farm stuff!

  1. v1.41 Restructuring?!

    No new plants in this update! I'm just beginning to restructure things a little.

    I separated out the FU addon. For those that don't use the Fricken Universe mod, only using the core Ore Plants+ mod will greatly reduce the number of errors that are logged at startup from the additional FU addon component, consequently making the game start up much faster. I plan on continuing to separate this mod out, starting with each of the addons and maybe working my way back down to the core ore mod...
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  2. v1.40 essense plants!

    This is a small update. I edited the rainmaker plants to better reflect their wild variants in my versions of the Uros IV ship. I wanted each one to be unique to it's race, be plantable anywhere without needing to be watered and give off a good glow.

    I also added an Ancient Essence plant that's fully upgradable. It will initially need to be forged at the Terraforge using a fully upgraded Voxel Plant and a fully upgraded Money Plant in addition to the standard 10 essence. Since it's an...
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  3. v1.39 recipe fixes!

    This is a quick update to delete all the bad recipes that have been generated by the recent updates in the game. It seems a lot of items and objects have been deleted from the game recently. Now, the loading time should be significantly less as the game no longer needs to go through the list of errors those bad recipes creates.
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  4. v1.39 FU update!

    I made plants for the four new FU ores. Also there is some bug fixes that were brought to my attention.

    New FU plantables: Xithricite Ore, Isogen Ore, Pyreite Ore, and Effigium Ore!
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  5. v1.38 Fossil Brushes?!

    This is a very small update in response to feedback. I added a plant for the fossil brushes. I also added a rare legendary fish fossil brush drop. It looks funny, but is equivalent to the Master Fossil Brush.
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  6. v1.37 with another small fix

    Responding to another small bug. Normally, I would like to include these fixes into regular updates, but I doubt I'll be able to do another regular update for at least another month. Thank you for your patience.
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  7. v1.37 small fix

    Adds missing recipes for bottled water and bottled healing water. That's it!

    I'm not sure when I'll have time to work on this again. I'm going to need to suspend this project for the time being. I've got to go and make some money, and my hours are a little crazy.

    As always, all of my assets are free to use by anyone for any other project. Feel free to make your own version if I don't end up getting back to this. Just make sure to give credit to the original authors I've cited if you end...
  8. v1.37 Just another food update?!

    A few bugs fixed in this update. Mainly, I just wanted to update because I've finished with adding T0 plants to the tier 2 food group. I also added T0 plants to the bottled water and bottled healing water, which I had overlooked before because they're in a different section than the rest of the food. I also optimized most of the image files again to reduce the size of the mod by a lot. I doubt that this will increase performance or anything, but it will save you a little room at least....
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  9. v1.36 Bug fixes! Fish tools!! Shields?

    I went through the random weapon plant drop pool, correcting changes and expanding it to include more of the game's weapons. I also added a plant that randomly generates shields. Included as a rare drop is a new Fish Shield. As an excuse to make a Fish Relocator, I also made a relocator plant. I got the Fish relocator to store double the critters, which felt kind of neat. Finally, I made a Reward Bag Plant, making the rare drop be respectively the Super Reward Bag. Beyond a few new plants...
  10. Quick Fix!

    A quick fix for the Fish Grappling Hook. Looks like it broke with the last update. It's usable again. Let me know if anything else broke during the last stable update.