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Ore Plants+ (RAM's version) v1.64

Converts stuff into seeds. Farm stuff!

  1. v1.35 Pet Collars! Bug fixes!? Fishing Rods!!

    Another mostly fishy update. I went in and fixed the Fish Fishing Rod to conform to the new fishing mechanics. I also fixed the Fish Broom and Fish Bugnet. Sorry about that. I then added a Fish Bomb. It's absolutely devastating. Plus, you can retrieve it after every use! The power of fish technology is incredible. I also made a few more T0 seeds for food. It's slow going on that front.

    List of new plantables:
    Damage I Collar, Damage II Collar, Damage III Collar, Electric Bomb Collar, Fire...
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  2. v1.34 More tools update! Bug fixes! Compatability!

    I found and corrected a few more bugs, so I thought I'd better push this update out a little early. I'm in the middle of creating food plants and adding in more of the missing 1.0 items. So, there's a handful of those plants included int he update. I took a small break from that to work on a few new fish tools. I also added in a Fish Sprinkler to the list, even though sprinklers aren't actually tools. Perhaps I just wanted to see what a super powerful fish shaped sprinkler would be like. The...
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  3. V1.33 Balance update!

    Added the watering mechanics to most plants. Increased the growing times to around the vanilla standard. Deleted the rice plant as it was already in the vanilla game. Perhaps I'll reuse the design for another plant later. Fixed both of the FU ultimate plants as well as a small error in the regular ultimate ore plant. Some other small edits. Created t0 plants for the rest of the t1 food. I still have t2-t4 foods left to go on that. So, lots of new plants and fixes, but few new plantables...
  4. V1.32 ...so many fixes.

    I went through and updated each plant to conform a little more to the 1.0 release. Seems they all still need Novakid descriptions. I updated the crafting machines, so now they look a lot nicer. I added a handful of new plants, including a few more t0 food plants. About 29 new plants added in all.

    New plantables:
    Damage I Augment, Damage II Augment, Damage III Augment, Light I Augment, Light II Augment, Light III Augment, Health I Augment, Health II Augment, Health III Augment, Healing I...
  5. v1.31

    Bug fixes and improvements to the secret fish tools. Raw and cooked meat now have their own t0 plants. I've started making t0 plants for the t0 food. I also made every liquid plant placeable on tilled ground. You can still hang them above. I only added a handful of new plantables this update, but I did add about 24 plants in all and a lot of good fixes and edits.

    Added plantables: Empty Tentacle, Spooky Bed, Spooky Pumpkin Head, Spooky Candles, Roasted Mushrooms, Roasted Carrot
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  6. Tiered Shop Consumables!

    Added in the missing ore and refined ore. Fixed the ultimate plants. Fixed the Irradium plant tiers. Added tiers to the shop consumables in the form of added T-0 tiers. Added a number of other plants. Added 23 new plants in all in this update.

    List of plantables added: Crystal Erchius Fuel (new ore), Orange Stim Pack, Graduation Flyer, Rotten Food, Salve, Burn Resistance Spray, Dubloon, Sprinkler, Right Translation Wheel, Left Translation Wheel, Soda, Oculemonade, Reef-Cola

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  7. Tiered Produce Plants? Canvas?! Fired Clay! Yay!

    Added 41 Tier 0 produce plants that cost only 1 of any produce to create. These act the same as T0 ore plants, where the drop is just one of that item. It can then be updated to the original plant for ten of the given produce. I might do the same for the rest of the food later, though it will be a very big task as there's a lot of food in the game. There were also a few more fixes added. I haven't gotten to fixing the ultimate plants yet. Sorry about that.

    This update shouldn't break any of...
  8. More 1.0 fixes!

    Mostly, this is a bug fix update. There are lots of little fixes for things that were renamed, removed and added in 1.0. I added the new liquid from FU. There are a handful of new plantables to go with this update: Ferozium Ore, Durasteel Ore, Black Dye, Battery, Glass, Aether, and the AA Batter.

    Happy homesteading Stargardeners!
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  9. Compatability for 1.0!

    A few fixes to make it work for 1.0. It works again! Yay!

    You now buy the Seed Machine, Seed Converter and both money plants from the Infinity Express. The harvest pool was renamed to it's new name and plants are now harvestable again. Food can no longer be used in the Seed Machine as the recipe requires it to stack. I'm not going to fix this as it would be too cheaty to require only a single food to create a seed. There is at least one mod out right now that allows you to stack food again....
  10. More Floran goods! Some updates to 1.0! FU additions!

    I added a minor compatibility update for nightly, fixing the burn damage. Burn damage for those plants no longer works for stable. I added a few ore plants for FU that were missing. I'm continuing to add Floran objects, though I may get sidetracked now with the old boss summoning objects. Around 20 new plants are added this time round.

    Here's a list of the additional objects that are made plantable:

    Primitive Door, Leather Bongo, Large Leather Bongo, Tall Leather Bongo, Small Leather...
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