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Ore Plants+ (RAM's version) v1.64

Converts stuff into seeds. Farm stuff!

  1. floran objects! Money plants?!

    I added a number of floran objects as new plantables, 27 in all. I also integrated my moneyplant mod into this mod. If you have my moneyplants mod make sure to delete it. The new money plants are much more balanced.

    New plantables:
    Giant Agaran Mushroom, Bamboo Door, Small Primitive Chest, Large Primitive Chest, Small Overgrown Chest, Bone Armchair, Bone Bed, Primitive Bench, Huge Bone Display, Bone Carving, Bone Rack, Bone Stool, Large Bone Table, Small Bone Table, Primitive Bookcase,...
  2. New plant Tiers!? Bug fixes!

    I added the TO tier to each ore and liquid plant, including for the FO ore and liquid plants. This new initial tier only costs 10 liquid or ore, however the drops ore only 1 for ore and 5 for liquids. You can upgade from there to the old T1 for 25 ore or 50 liquids. This didn't take as long to implement as I expected. While going through the plants I fixed a number of bugs. I also fixed the treasure pools completely for the ultimate plants.

    This was a complicated update, so I might have...
  3. Crafting tables?

    I fixed the sounds on the fish tools added by the mod. I added support for all of the Garden Bot robots. Removed coffee from the treasure for the ultimate plants. Looks like those ultimate plants still need a little work. I added about 25 plants.

    All plantables added:

    Creature Capture Station, Fossil Station, Iron Anvil, Iron Crafting Table, Manipulator's Table, Metalwork Station, Pixel Compressor, Refinery, Robotic Crafting Table, Replicator, Atomic Furnace, Separator's Table, Skyrail...
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  4. Optimization!

    I optimized most of the PGM files, making the mod much, much, much smaller. I fixed the Dreadwing's Wreckage Seed to show the correct name. And, I added a handful of new plants.

    New plantables added: Soggy Paper, Parcel, Secret Note, Sheet Music, Iron Furnace, Accelerator's Table, Alien Fruit

    Happy homesteading, Stargardeners!
  5. Colony deed seed?

    This is not a big update, but there's a few fixes that might make it worth your while. Fixed the Moonstone plants. Fixed the reed seeds for compatibility with FU.

    Added plantables for:
    Contaminated Water, Colony Deed, Ancient Big Chest, Air Booster

    Happy homesteading, stargardeners!
  6. Action Figures!

    Added the 2 missing liquid and ore as plantables from FU. Added 54 plants for the action figures.

    New Plantables for FU:
    Liquified Crystal, Zerchesium Ore

    New action figure plantables:
    Adult Poptop Action Figure, Agrobat Action Figure, Anglure Action Figure, Batong Action Figure, Bobfae Action Figure, Bobot Action Figure, Bulbop Action Figure, Capricoat Action Figure, Crabcano Action Figure, Crustoise Action Figure, Crutter Action Figure, Fennix Action Figure, Gleap Action Figure,...
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  7. Same as last upload

    This time it should work. Looks like something went wonky with the last upload.
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  8. Skyrails! Monster drops! A fix?!

    In this update I changed level 0 weapons to do base damage again. Weapons harvested from your ship will be weaker than normal, but will still do some damage. I went through some of the new assets and found a few more that needed plants while I was in there.

    New plantables:

    Shadow Block, Shadow Spike Block, Shadow Wall Block, Silver Platform, Silver Screw, Sod Block, Grassy Rock, Blue Bioluminescent Rock, Yellow Bioluminescent Rock, Cabin Roofing, Copper Gear Block, Copper Fence, Copper...
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  9. Weapons! More dyes! Living root? Baby Larva?!

    I fixed the random generating weapon plants. They only spawn the regular random weapons now. I added recipes for the random generating weapon plants for the randomly generating weapons that you pick up, as well as a few others in the game.

    New plantables:

    Living Root, Baby Larva, Dye Remover, Brown Dye, Green Dye, Grey Dye, Orange Dye, Pink Dye, Purple Dye, White dye

    Happy homesteading, Stargardenners!
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  10. A few fixes.

    A few fixes. One new plant.

    Moonstone Ore converts the correct amount.
    Wolfram ore for FU supported.
    4th tier Rubium seed rarity corrected.
    Recipe added for the uranium rod upgrade.

    Thanks to M4ck for the heads up. I'll continue to create more fixes and actual updates when I have more time. Looks like I'll be busy for awhile yet.
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