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Outdated Ore Plants [Upbeat Giraffe] 1.2 [Stable]

Grow your own ores.

  1. More Plants and a few other changes

    1. Added 6 more ore plants! Crystal, Lead, Moonstone, Prisilite, Sulphur and Trianglium! ( All new ore plants are thanks to the great work of greenRAM)!
    2. Changed all plants to revert to the first stage of growth when picked.
    3. Plants will now always drop 1 ore, and will about 10% of the time drop an extra seed.
    4. Fixed a typo that made you unable to learn the Diamond seed recipe.
    5. Time to grow has been increases based on the rarity of the ore.
    6. Seed icons now share the same rarity color as the ore they produce.
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