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[OUTDATED] PETCRAFT by Amethystumn and Monijir 2.1

Adds new, craftable pet beds, houses and bowls!

  1. I'm back and ready to work on an update for this mod.

    Hello everyone, I know I have been very quiet for many many months now, I haven't been in touch with the Starbound community unfortunately as I have had a lot of things in real life I need to deal with.

    Very recently I have updated and published my Floran Hair Pack. The pack now contains much nicer looking hairs and 25 choices of them.

    Now, onto this mod. PetCraft. I am hoping to update this mod and make it functional again. I tried activating this mod and playing it in the new 1.0.4 Starbound version and the pet has dissappeared and I am very sure I will need to make new paths, check materials required for recipes and will probably also need to update the interface layout, there is a lot of work to do so please be patient with me as I try to update this mod and I look forward to releasing a working version of this mod for Starbound 1.0.4 very soon!
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