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[OUTDATED] PETCRAFT by Amethystumn and Monijir 2.1

Adds new, craftable pet beds, houses and bowls!

  1. bug fixes

    Iroaseta has very kindly helped us fix a few minor issues with recipes, names, incorrect spelling and changing a few required materials as some are no longer available(which I didn't know! >.<)

    Apex Bed
    silkwool > silkfibre
    log > logblock

    Boat Bed + Cabin + glitch + hylotl + saloon + saloon + flowerph
    log > logblock

    steelbar > tungstenbar

    Dusty + floran + floranfb1 + floranfb2 + toxicfb + floranph + flowerbedph
    darkwood > darkwoodmaterial

    steel > tungstenbar

    prismshard > prisiliteore

    sandstone01 > sandstonematerial

    steelfb > tungstenfb
    steelbar > tungestenbar

    holidayspirit > snowflake

    Thank you again, Iroaseta, please check her content out! :)
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