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Outpost Lag Reduction 0.93

"But I love the lag in the outpost!" said no-one ever. -- Glad Giraffe

  1. LoPhatKao
    Outpost Lag Reduction v. Glad Giraffe stable
    'Cause who loves lag?

    Now included in CLeF v39 You DO NOT need to download this if you have v39+
    -- Thanks MrChow :D

    Thanks also to Kayuko for the Protection-be-gone mod, helps me find more lag culprits :)

    A collection of patches intended to reduce the fps drop in the outpost.

    Go run around the outpost, play a game or 2 of mazebound before you install this mod.
    Then do the same after.***

    Installing: (if this is your first mod)

    Hopefully you know how to read a flowchart...
    right click this link and open in new tab
    thanks to xxswatelitexx
    much easier than me trying to explain heh

    What is changed: Warning! Giant wall o' text!

    changed item
    - technical details
    - what it means in english ;)

    scriptDelta changes

    All outpost NPCs (23 npcs changed)
    - scriptDelta increased from 5 to 30
    - 'thinking' rate decreased from 12/sec to 2/sec (how often they check if they should do something)
    -- 23 npcs used to check 12 times per sec = 276, now only 46 times !

    removed v 0.93 due to changes to npcs

    Proximity Scanner (26 in main outpost)
    - scriptDelta increased from 5 to 30
    - now only checks for a nearby player/npc 2 times per sec instead of 12 times
    -- 26 scanners checking @ 12 = 312 times per sec, down to 52

    object animation rate changes

    - worst offenders were the sign shop, and all the proximity scanners :(

    Custom Sign Shop (35 frames) x1
    - animationCycle changed from 2.2 to 4.9
    -- 223% slowdown, from 15.9 updates per sec to [ups] 7.1 ups

    Proximity Scanner (16 frames) x26
    - animationCycle changed from 1.6 to 3.2
    -- 200% slowdown, from 10 ups to 5 ups

    Terramart (32 frames) x1
    - animationCycle changed from 3.2 to 4.8
    -- 150% slowdown, from 10 ups to 6.66:devil: ups

    Large Monitor ( 3 frames) x 3
    - cycle changed from 0.3 to 0.9
    -- 300% slowdown, from 10 ups to 3.33 ups

    Small Monitor (3 frames) x1
    - cycle changed from 0.3 to 0.75
    -- 250% slowdown, from 10 ups to 4 ups

    Generator (3 frames) x4
    - animationCycle changed from 0.2 to 0.6
    -- 300% slowdown, from 15 ups to 5 ups

    PenguinBay (flag = 4 frames, merchant unchanged) x1
    - cycle changed from 0.5 to 1.0
    -- 200% slowdown, from 8 ups to 4 ups

    more details soon™

    Testing Procedure: (tl;dr - but has pics)

    To test this and find the major cpu cycle eaters, I played many, many, many rounds of Mazebound o_O

    Before this I was lucky to get little more than a slideshow (estimated 8 fps)
    Afterwards found it to be very playable, with fps around 20.

    The Control Setup:
    Basic ship (no ftl) parked at gateworld, with mazebound machine.

    (visual mods used are Hamty's Human Ship and my Ship Backgrounds)

    What does /debug say? (Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!) :facepalm:

    They say "A picture is worth a thousand words."[citation needed]
    So for these pics, zoom level is 2x, both admin and debug modes are on
    I have mazebound open, standing near middle of starting room, looking out window to the exit
    fps values are rounded up to nearest tenth
    Control ship: delag_debug_control.png
    19.4~ render fps
    Default SB: delag_debug_mod_off.png
    11.6~ render fps
    With Mod: delag_debug_mod_on.png
    16.0~ render fps

    I recommend turning off the 3 large and 1 small monitors for even more fps.

    Version History:

    0.90 -- initial release
    0.91 -- bugfix - 2 stop teleshop - thanks KazanaAoi for reporting
    0.911 - change 6 small png files, removes all Proximity Scanners and associated wires from Outpost doors

    Edit 1jun15: Discovered my math was off.. was overstating how much the scriptDelta changes... 60/5 = 12, not 20 derp.

    ***DISCLAIMER: Author not responsible for resulting cranial explosions.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. The First Nova
    The First Nova
    Version: 0.93
  2. erikest
    Version: 0.93
    i have problem with this mod
    when i dowload it everything was ok until i go to the center of outpost.
    Mostly part of nps's staying in one place and i cant take quest then, ig to the end of outpost and what....?
    There is nothing, only strange guy in a box, no pirate wich trading hoverbikes, no coil what starts upgrading ship quest!!!
    i try to delete the game(not in steam, i delete file), then download. And what? it doesnt work.....
    pleace fix it, if its possible
  3. Skyaxis Heavenil
    Skyaxis Heavenil
    Version: 0.93
    While I do appreciate the effort, close to all of the lag problem goes away when using the OpenGL client of Starbound, making this currently kinda useless.
  4. TheInstinctDude
    Version: 0.93
    Great mod it works but only for 3x zoom unless I'm doing something wrong.
  5. ZombieDeadPOOL1
    Version: 0.93
  6. MrChow
    Version: 0.93
    Sssnail, wait, floran can't catch up with you on thisss laggy Outpost...
  7. WitchOfAbsolute
    Version: 0.92
    It works
  8. MeowTenore
    Version: 0.92
    Despite my laptop being as old as Kluex probably, This actually makes the outpost tolerable, seeing as you HAVE to run around the place during quests! T H A N K Y O U !
  9. Smileess
    Version: 0.911 retry
    But I love the lag in the outpost! (No I don't) LOL
  10. TurtleLuigi
    Version: 0.91
    Outpost is no longer runs at 5 fps. Now it 17!
    1. LoPhatKao
      Author's Response
      This is exactly why I made it. :D Outpost was far too laggy, now it's not as laggy. There is still a lot there though.. even on good computers (which mine is not lol)