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Outpost Lag Reduction 0.93

"But I love the lag in the outpost!" said no-one ever. -- Glad Giraffe

  1. Pleased Giraffe Update

    (dis)-Pleased Giraffe Update

    fix - due to changes to npc data, have had to remove the scriptDelta changes from them :(
    add - slowed animation for frogg furnishings

    thats it .. for now
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  2. A few more things

    - removed light from the arcade game
    - changed large & small monitors to be turned off by default
    - removed directional spotlight effect from the hanging lights

    not a whole lot of changes, but every little bit helps
    (hopefully upload works this time...)
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  3. retrying upload of 0.911

    silly website, give people the file!
  4. Small Change - Big Improvement

    Inspired by drakray
    - removed ALL the Proximity Scanners and wires, making doors manual.

    website ate the zipfile :( get it here
  5. Derpfix - 2 stop teleshop nonfatal error

    had a slightly wrong patch for 2stopshop.object, caused nonfatal errors to show up in log - fixed
    I forgot to specify the array position to change.. oops :(