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Paint Gun Mod beta

Paints paintable things.

  1. mastercookie

    So it's pretty much what Mr. Pingu said. Allows to paint vanilla objects that were designed to be painted (about 300 of them). The line "- can be colored -" is added to their descriptions.

    Based on the Decoration Displacer tool from Nostalgic Greenery mod by Charlatan.

    To install unpack the archive to the Mods folder.
    The Paint Gun can be bought for 1000 pixels from the Basic Crafting Menu.


    - The way to add this is a bit clunky, basically every object needs to have an .animation and .lua files. And when you add animation, you also need "animationPosition", otherwise object may be placed incorrectly. So some testing needed, especially in dungeons and villages, since I tested only newly spawned objects.

    - So far lights and toggleable things aren't supported, hence beta status.

    - On the bright side, adding mod support requires only tweaks in the mod itself (not this mod).

    - Some older things were disabled from the game, u can find some of them here:

    - There shouldn't be lots of conflicts with other mods, since all is done through patching, but who knows...


    Charlatan - all the scripting (taken and tweaked by me from NG) plus dealing with my endless questions;
    Me - all the other things (patching, designing and tweaking the gun, by which I mean recolouring vanilla Bubblegun :p).
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. fixing some things

Recent Reviews

  1. qualiyah
    Version: beta
    Currently, this mod has some incompatibility with the Enhanced Storage mod. But if you just delete just the files for containers from *this* mod, that solves the problem (though the containers will no longer be recolorable). It's worth the trouble to do that! This mod is otherwise totally awesome. :)
  2. squiblez
    Version: beta
    Great mod, works exactly as described and is easy to use.

    If you are into getting creative and stepping outside of the "vanilla" box to forge extremely detailed structures, towns or cities, or anything really: This mod is a MUST, even more so if your creations rely on color(It doesn't make sense for a wooden fortress with a white exterior to have a normal wood tinted support corner, does it?)

    Of course the only thing missing is activated objects(as mentioned in the description as of the time I'm typing this), so your pale wooden fortress may have to deal with modded doors, or the normal lame vanilla ones. I'd still 100% recommend this mod to ANYONE who asks me what mods they should start with.
  3. Orpheus of Ciphrus
    Orpheus of Ciphrus
    Version: beta
    So! Sitting here in my server, when our main modder shows up with this mod, and I kind of dropped my stuff, and looked at it. I'll admit, at first I was like 'Oh, don't we already have a paint gun in base vanilla?' Then I realized- 'Wait a second, this paints /furniture/.' Skies above, that's useful for an RP server, and personalizing one's home- instead of having to stick to one furniture set, as they have the same color scheme, this basically grants you the ability to mix and match your furniture...which I'll be honest? That's amazing. So seriously? Thanks for bringing this idea to life.
  4. GoldenstarArtist
    Version: beta
    A godsend! My Server is rejoicing over the discovery of this mod!
  5. Zauber Paracelsus
    Zauber Paracelsus
    Version: beta
    I've been waiting for something like this for a long time now. The old Dye Mod had implemented object/furniture painting and implemented armor and block dying before those existed in the vanilla game. The Dye Mod hasn't been updated in a couple years, so it's good to finally see a mod restore its missing functionality.
  6. amirmiked12
    Version: beta
    cool..add more objects
  7. SkeithStone
    Version: beta
    Really useful mod. There are still some items that can't be painted, but right now, it's one of the most useful mods for the community
  8. Charlatan
    Version: beta
    Glad we got all this working ^^ A lot of people have been waiting for this I am sure.
    1. mastercookie
      Author's Response
      yay! though it's maybe just me and 2 other people :D