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Pandora's Box (Legacy) V4.0.2-Final

This aims to add variations to unique monsters, add uniques of it's own, and other little tweaks!

  1. Kain777
    Version: V4.0.2-Final
    can't and won't play SB without this mod, an excellent mod, it changed the game "Bigly" for me, i much appreciate the time and work you put into making this mod, thank you.
  2. artguk
    Version: V4.0.2-Final
    I fixed the error "Pandora's Box (Legacy) V4.0.2-Final".
    The problem was in the line "parameters.familyIndex = monster.familyIndex ()" because of it. Monster's family index got a value equal to zero because of what creatures were destroyed, but did not appear in the Capture Podbut did not appear in the Capture Pod
    Now everything works. I have packaged a modification.
    Corrected modification can be downloaded from the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19uI6V5xDVYiLRBbVjYhBdyDTU4znKd0_/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hatefulpeace
    Version: V3.5.1
    Really love this mod
  4. sayter
    Version: V3.5.1
    Pay no mind to Sonny The Floran's "review" below. He's so incredibly wrong he isn't worth paying any attention to. If it's "the worst mod he's ever used" he clearly hasn't used very many, or has no idea what he is talking about.

    This mod is well designed, adds a *ton* of replayability to your game as well as quite literally *hundreds* of new creature variations to appear in your biomes. If you aren't a complete fool, you should be able to tackle any of them with a bit of common sense and planning, thanks to every one having various weaknesses.

    The mod author has gone above and beyond to make something fresh, interesting, and accessible to players (and the quality makes that clear)

    If you're looking for added challenge, variety, and more vivid fauna on your biomes, you want this mod.
  5. ra13th
    Version: V3.5.1
    *download the mod
    *open starbound game
    *create new characters
    *choose hardcore mode
    *play new characters
    *beam down
    *meet with gleap
    *say hello to my little friends
    *cannot kill the gleap
    *after 5 minutes
  6. Xairusk
    Version: V3.5.1
  7. SonnyTheFloran
    Version: V3.5.1
    This is by far the worst mod i have ever used.

    First, it makes the game MUCH harder, but in a tedious and unfair way. Most monsters from this mod have extreme physical damage resistance, making 90% of weapons you get worthless, only ones being slightly usable being overall extremely powerfull or elemental.

    Second, it doesnt add variants of monsters, but mere reskins, and terribly ugly ones at that. This mod is the definition why simply switching around colors randomly is a bad idea. Most of the "variants" of monsters look so ugly i often find myself questioning of my graphics card is broken.

    Third, the monster it adds are extremely tough or NEARLY INVINCIBLE, while in some cases looking like a piece of crap. LITERALLY. "Gummi", one of the monsters this mod adds, literally looks like a piece of crap! And the worst part is, it has insanely high health too! And it often splits apart to the point where its nearly impossible to hit!

    Fourth, and the worst, YOU CANT UNINSTALL THIS MOD EASILY. Hell, i dont know if it can be uninstalled AT ALL. It seriously is a Pandora's box. If you open it, you either may for whatever reason enjoy how unfair and tedious the game becomes, or end up like me, crying out to all the gods you can think of to help you get rid of this mod.

    Tl:dr - it makes the game so tedious and unfair that i can NOT recommend this mod to anyone. Alternate variants of monsters are just worthless reskins while the new ones are ugly and uninspired, in addition to being annoying as hell to fight.
    1. ManicRykker
      Author's Response
      I'll tackle your fourth point first, as that caught my eye immediately...

      It is said >IN THE DESCRIPTION< for this mod, that it can't be uninstalled at the drop of a hat. That is on you. I can not help players that don't read the description, or do research before throwing a mod into their mods folder. Mods like these aren't like plugins. You can't just toss it in and out as you please.

      A one-way trip, is a one-way trip. This is due to the nature of what the mod does. (Frackin Universe is like that as well fyi.) Anyway, as for the rest of your points...

      1. There are some players that enjoy the added difficulty, and many that agree vanilla monsters unaltered are too weak. They
      are too squishy, and useless as pets. Why do you think so many modders make attempts to rework them? They're absolute garbage in vanilla. If they were fine as they were, there would be no need for adjustments.

      (That said, I have been planning for a rework of monster stats in addition to hopefully supplying new weapons for the starting tier. Balance is important to me. I do wish to hit a balance between approach-ability and challenge... but I won't be sacrificing the latter because someone isn't up to snuff. Other players fair against the monsters in their current state fine despite the difficulty increase.)

      2. The variants are supposed to be palette swaps.

      It is intended to give pre-existing unique monsters (as well as my own) new colorations to work with (rather than one single static sheet). Many find encountering monsters with the same exact appearance on every planet exceptionally dull. (Myself included.)

      Those "random colors" took a tedious amount of time to set up across the mod's life btw. There are thousands of alternate sheets added by this mod.

      If you aren't a fan of any of them, there isn't much I can do about that. That falls on the tastes of the player. The rest of our userbase loves the variety, therefore I have no plans on changing things.
      As for new species...

      3. Most PB monsters expand on existing families. Others form new ones. (ie the Poptop and it's relatives vs the Trapogo ("mimic") family.)

      I can not help with hate for specific monsters added by this mod. That again falls on player preferences. I know many players that like the Gummi family, as well as people such as yourself who do not.

      However, I won't be ripping out assets for a specific group with a specific set of preferences. Gummies may see adjustments in their future like everything else, but I have no intentions of removing them "because they look like a piece of crap".

      I am sorry that you are not satisfied, though I wish you would have opted to reach out to me with feedback rather than trashing a passion project I have spent a year developing. The mod even has a Discord... We would have been more than happy to chat with you.

      If there's anything I hope you take out of all this, is that you be more careful installing mods from here on out, and do more research into what you're adding to your game...
      We cannot help you if you don't read our descriptions. They are there for a reason.

      (That said, I will be taking some of your points, despite their hostility, into consideration for the mod's development as I always try to do for my players (Ex-user or otherwise.)

      In addition to the stat reworks I had already planned, I may take a larger amount of screenshots for previews of content, since the ones shown apparently aren't enough.) I hope you have a nice day.
  8. murtazza
    Version: V3.1.1
    more monsters and colored old ones

    enhanced pet mechanics

    more action figures for new monsters
    and some new furniture

    Nice mod keep up the good work ★★★★★
  9. qualiyah
    Version: V3.1.1
    At first I thought I had no need for this mod, since Frackin' Universe already adds a bunch of variants. I was SO wrong! I was *sold* on this mod from the very first planet I beamed onto. The new monsters are so creative and well-designed and make exploring far more interesting.

    The mod also makes exploring more challenging, since many monsters have high resistances to certain damage types. So people who prefer easy-to-kill monsters might not like this.
  10. Halwynth
    Version: V3.1
    Excellent mod, tons of content. Now that is also a problem for me, there's a lot of stuff in here and as I use lots of mods, I have to remove some of your features in here that I felt like didn't belong here (like the hoverbike price change, I changed the price for it myself and found out you also changed it here) .

    As a kinda OCD person, I also had to change some things here and there that I felt were on the wrong place or with not fitting price. But apart from that, it's an excellent mod, which some features were put as optional or separated still, but oh well. Keep up the good job.
  11. Ranmaul
    Version: V3.1
    This mod keeps getting better and better.So creative and inspiring, I can just feel the passion you put into making it.
    Great work! :D
  12. SSirin
    Version: V3.0
    A very good and very cute mod! Thank you so much! Me and my friend are enjoing it in our multiplayer, we already seen so much brandly new colored creatures that we love in vanilla game! And they look awesome!
  13. Ranmaul
    Version: V3.0
    Best Mod in Existence you are the GREATEST! :D kudos
  14. Limbom
    Version: V2.9
    Beautiful mod.
    Began to use pets from the very beginning, it is very convenient.
  15. killerltuk1
    Version: V2.8
    I must catch whem all
  16. Kokito
    Version: V2.7
    good for now.
  17. Tallglassofwater
    Version: V2.7
  18. MaMad
    Version: V2.6
    The new addition monsters are so cute~ :3
  19. greenRAM
    Version: V2.3.1
    An awesome addition to the base game. Variety is the spice of life.
  20. OriginDrago
    Version: V2.2
    This Mod is AWESOME I Am Doing A Monster Tamer RP AN THİS MOD İS PERFECT For RP