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Pandora's Box (Legacy) V4.0.2-Final

This aims to add variations to unique monsters, add uniques of it's own, and other little tweaks!

  1. Pandora's Box V4.0 (Final)

    Author's Note:

    I have to be honest with you: PB V4.0 became such a complicated update I can hardly keep track of what changed. All I remember, is that I
    reworked variations, made various adjustments across the board, incorporated pet rocks, etc.

    With my intentions to rebuild the project from the ground up anew, more organized, there's not much else that can be said. I hope you enjoy
    what this update has to offer for this legacy of a mod... and that you join us going forward in the remake. (Name pending.)

    Basic Changes
    --Pandora constructs have recieved a consistent color scheme that matches the Pandora Box. Their eye has also
    been redone to better match Starbound's style.

    --Slight tweak to the sprites of the Pandora. The orbitals have been changed.

    --Pandora now spawns Pandites instead of Pandorbs

    --Pandites have had a design change, and now resemble the orbitals of the Pandora.
    They generally server as drones to the larger constructs, but can also be found
    separately from Pandora Boxes.

    --Pandorbs no longer split into elemental Pandorbs. All five Pandorbs now
    occur separately from one another. (Regular Pandites still split though.)

    --General continuity adjustments related to the Pandora constructs.

    --Implemented new Pandora construct: Pandeye

    Pandeyes are basically what a Pandora construct looks like without a shell. They
    are rather fragile like this...

    --Shiny Monsters assets have been removed as of this version. There is
    no longer any need for their presence.

    The "retro" variants for Frostix, Toxix, Electrix, Mysterix, and Normix
    have been removed as well, for consistency. (Applicable credits will remain for legacy

    --Glitchtop's Glitched status effect has been reworked. It now deals a random status effect from application to application.
    (Only one effect can be on you at one time. Not all effects it can inflict on you are harmful.)

    It also deals a base damage of 1 now.

    --Fixed a bug causing farm animals to not interact with their environment or move. (Fix courtesy of Hubnester)

    Misc Changes
    --Different music tracks now play on the title screen in addition to the normal title theme.
    Since you likely start up the game multiple times in your playthroughs, variety is always nice.
    (This patch is done with a test, so other mods adding the vanilla music tracks into the patch shouldn't bothered.)

    --The vanilla SAILs have received a facelift. They are now unique to each race, but don't stray too far from vanilla SAIL's

    --An environmental sfx adjustment to the second half of the intro mission.
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