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Pandora's Box (Legacy) V4.0.2-Final

This aims to add variations to unique monsters, add uniques of it's own, and other little tweaks!

  1. Pandora's Box V3.1.1

    Just a quick, smaller scale update to fix an issue, and push a few changes I wanted to get pushed out

    It's also worth noting that you'll find the archive now has a pak file instead of an already extracted folder. This is due to the fact the mod has been growing heavier over it's development, and it's becoming harder to push to the host I use... If you want to look in future version assets, you'll have to extract the mod from now on... sorry guys. Anyway, on to the changelog

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  2. Pandora's Box V3.1


    Note -- I have done a bit of spring cleaning, and did some trimming of some files.
    (ie replacing chunks of frames files where they could use individual respective default.frames, where applicable)
    Hopefully this will result in better initial load times for the mod. Quality over Quantity as they say!

    --Implemented the Monster Hatchery.

    The Monster Hatchery is a crafting station that allows you to synthesis monster eggs! It's crafted at the Capture Station.

    Utilizing it is...
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  3. Pandora's Box V3.0.1

    Fixes a minor issue with my monster collections. That's pretty much it.
  4. Pandora's Box V3.0

    It is with great sadness, that I pronounce the Pandora's Box project discontinued.

    As thanks for all of your support, I am releasing one last update bringing the mod up to where it truly needs to be.
    View the extensive changelog below for full details.

    --Implemented the Bug Field Guide.

    Finally, you all have a visual representation of Esther Bright's best work! This interactive documentation on the
    bugs of the universe provides detailed pictures on these fascinating insects you barely...
  5. Pandora's Box V2.9


    --Implemented new techs. You'll now find that Elliott has new tech quests for you at the Outpost.

    The first batch of new tech quests can only be done if you have completed the Floran Mission.
    The first quest adds new 4 dash techs, the second adds 4 new jump techs, and the third adds 4 new
    sphere techs.

    This second tier of techs requires 16 tech cards each to unlock each tech.

    After you have completed the Avian Mission, you'll find that Elliott is now optimizing his techs....
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  6. Pandora's Box V2.8.1 - Hotfix


    --Fixed an issue causing newly generated planets with volcanic and magma biomes to kick you back to ship.
  7. Pandora's Box V2.8


    (Some new stuff I've had planned for this update has been delayed, to the the amount of time it's
    been taking to get them stable and ready. Those should hopefully turn up in a future update.)

    Balloon Critter (20)
    Frog Critter (8)
    Seal Critter (4)

    --Implemented Ocueye. Spawns in eyepatch biomes.

    --Fixed Tar Gummis spawning in Flesh biomes when it should have been Flesh Gummis

    --Adjusted Aqueye figure


    --Various Pandora Monsters...
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  8. Pandora's BOx V2.7


    (Developer note:

    I will be doing this rework stuff in stages. The vanilla monster reworks are being pushed in this update, but next update I will be tackling reworks of my own monsters. (to make sure nothing is too strong, when they're not supposed to be too strong)

    It's also worth noting that this doesn't mean I am completely finished with the vanilla unique monsters. Some monsters may get some minor adjustments overtime as they are used and tested (and sometimes may get...
  9. Pandora's Box V2.6


    -18 new Snugget variations (This will make them reroll their variations.. but I felt
    like they needed some love!)

    -Implemented some Monster Monster Furniture items. You can get these
    from a new capsule type at the Shoptop Capsulepop machine!

    -Improved how the 3-pet limit is handled, for better compatibility
    with mods that utilize player.lua (Hubnester)

    -Implemented Protectorate Drone (56)

    This mini drone is designed to assist you in combat, and it does it's job quite
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  10. Pandora's Box V2.5.1 - Bugfixes and a few other things

    2.5.1 CHANGELOG

    -Springbop now has 28 variations

    -Fixed Tentatop and Octotop dying when spawned

    -Fixed Orelits not being catchable

    -Tentaclone monsters now appear in the Pandora monsters collection

    -Wispers are now fullbright

    -Bunny critters now have five variations

    -Outlaws now have a much wider range of potential pets. Better be on your guard!