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Pandora's Box (Legacy) V4.0.2-Final

This aims to add variations to unique monsters, add uniques of it's own, and other little tweaks!

  1. Pandora's Box V1.8




    -Mister Wisper (Aka Wisperious, Esquire) is a legendary monster who's presence has only been documented in beautiful environments, such as Prism and Giant Flower biomes.
    (It's speculated they only like to hang around in places as glorious as they are). They are exceptionally rare spawns.

    They have the miraculous ability to spit pixels from the core of their bodies. They are fairly docile, so perhaps you could try to catch one for your monster...
  2. Pandora's Box V1.7



    Not all monsters will end up getting a plethora of variations.
    Some will just have a handful matched to their body coloring/what they
    represent. These monsters will have no less than 10 alts tho.
    Ringram (65)
    Peblit (13)
    Quagmutt (11)
    Petricub (11)
    Oogler (11)

    Could I revisit them one day, when everything else is set in stone variation wise? Possibly.


    -Some tweaks to the Pandora's Box versions of the mission monsters mentioned last update

  3. Pandora's Box V1.6


    - You can now find moontants on the surface of moons. They're more uncommon than the ghostly monsters, but a threat nevertheless. They have variations, and are capture-able.


    - Some changes are being made to how I handle mission based monsters (This includes Kluex Sentry, Kluex Totem, Minidrone, and Ixoling)

    The alts these mission based monsters had are being removed. This means they shall start using their default forms again. That said, I am
    not removing the alts...
  4. Pandora's Box V1.5

    Hey guys, update time again. Got lots of stuff for ya today.



    I have some somewhat unfortunate news to share, regarding implementation of new alts for monsters that already had some added.

    As you know, when the mod is installed for the first time, all monster's re-roll their skins pretty much. (Even ones you have captured) Recently,
    I have found that this also happens when new alts are added to a monster that already had some. So, for example, new poptop, adult...
  5. Pandora's Box V1.4

    Update time!



    Crabcano (39)
    Narfin (41)
    Capricoat (43)
    Trictus (29)

    Ixoling (59)
    Minidrone (55)

    - A new object is craftable at the capture station: The Wall-mounted pet tether.

    This object functions just as you would expect it to: It mounts to background walls. It's suitable for monsters that fly, or float.
    This object can be crafted at the capture station with the same materials you would use for the standard pet tether.
  6. Pandora's Box V1.3 - Hotfix

    Just a quick hotfix folks. Had to fix a crash problem with the capture of one of the new rare monsters.
  7. Pandora's Box V1.3 - The Nutmidge Update

    ... Ok, that's just a joke title. There's more than that :rofl: (Had to name it this due to the sheer amount I ended up adding for those guys >_>)... Anyways,

    V1.3 Changelog



    -Nutmidge (120)
    -King Nutmidgeling (10)
    -Nutmidgeling (10)
    -Fennix (6)

    - The palletes from Shiny Pets have been incorporated into Pandora's Box.

    I have tried to put the files from that mod under major scrutiny. Some spritesheets that I could clearly
    tell were dated have been adjusted. All frames...
  8. Pandora's Box V1.2.1

    Sorry guys, quick hotfix. Forgot to make the adult nocttop captureable.. rofl
  9. Pandora's Box V1.2

    Hey guys. Update time!

    V1.2 Changelog



    Orbide (21)
    Lilodon (45)




    Collections for the unique monsters of Pandora's Box exist now! There's a collection for the monsters themselves, and a collection for their brand new
    action figure collectables.

    (In order to be able to see these new collections, you will either need to be using Custom Collections UI, or Frackin Universe. They will not show up otherwise.)


    - The hedgeleap is no...
  10. Pandora's Box V1.1

    V1.1 Changelog




    Bulbop (20)
    Gleap (48)

    Punchy (28)
    Erchius Ghost (8)


    Autumnbop - A relative to the bulbop that lives in forests. These monsters have a hardened
    body (reminiscent of a chestnut), which adds to their survivability. They are also a bit
    more sluggish than their garden relatives. (Has a lower chance to spawn than the forest bop)

    Forestbop - Another bulbop relative. These spry monsters are prone to...