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Parkour 1.3

Adds parkour mechanics similar to Gmod parkour

  1. First parkour room and some adjustments.

    • Added basic parkour room
    • Added teleporters to parkour arena
    • Realigned Wall Jump animation
    • Tweaked water physics
    • Made wall slide more consistent
    • Parkour arena now only available through warp gate
  2. Parkour arena and tech improvements.

    • Brings back acceleration to full running speed.
    • Wall Slide animation is now a trail.
    • Wall Jump animation now leaves behind pixel cloud.
    • Wall jumping now cancels the wall slide.
    • Movement+ Tech now adds water b-hop
    • Movement+ Tech now allows acceleration while swimming.
    • Added rudimentary parkour arena. It is available through a mission after getting the quest from the trash can.
  3. A few adjustments.

    Change Log
    • Separate tech for Movement Changes and Wall Slide.
    • After getting the quest, the user must use an A.I. command to show the tech.
    • User no longer stars with the tech being shown.
    • New Icons for the new tech. Very rough and will probably get changed in the future.