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Pets: Critters 2.0.1

You can now buy critters as pets.

  1. 1.3 Pet Houses - Complete

    I've completed pet houses for all pets.

    House for: Blip, Blood Toad, Bouncer, Chev, Frog, Quibble, Slug, Snail, Snake,
    Tiny Crocodile, Tortoise and Tritrot.

    House for: Bounce Bag, Float Bag, Gloop, Glowing Ball and Symbiote.

    House for: Armadillo, Breaker, Desert Tortoise, Eye Friend, Eye Pod, Groop, Maggot, Mouse, Snoogle, Squeek and Wurm.

    House for: Sporeling

    House for: Petal

    House for: Cliffer, Whity, Snowy and Yeti.

    House for: Squirrel

    I hope you like new looks. If you have better ideas let me know :)
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