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PipesPlus 1.22

Do cool stuff with pipes

  1. Workaround for LuaInstructionLimitReached, Added Irigation And Vacuum machines & pipes

    Do cool things with pipes!

    Things that are added by this mod:
    Basic Pipe: Not much to say about it, it can be used to connect other types of pipes cheaper. This pipe does not connect to any container.
    Item Pipe: Pipe that connects to anything that is considered container. You will want a lot of these for your storage.
    One-way input and output pipes: they connect to each other, and signal will pass only one-way.
    Irrigation pipe: place it one block above dirt and connect to Irrigator to water your fields.
    Vacuum Pipe: If connected to Vacuum Cleaner they will suck up nearby items.
    Item Chute:Input for your pipe-based storage system. Put something inside and it will be put in container connected with pipes that has this item, or in first free slot.
    Interface: Output for your pipe-based storage system. It will show you list of everything that you have in your chest, and if you take something it will spit it out.
    Irrigator: core of watering part of the mod. connect irrigation pipes and watch your fields watered.
    Vacuum cleaner: if connected to Vacuum pipes it will suck nearby items to item network.

    Important Information:
    Pipes work only when placed on background.
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