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Placeable Dynamic FTL Drive 1.4

Falling with more style than ever!

  1. 1.4

    -Updated animation to suit the faster flight timings in Starbound 1.4. If you have any existing FTL Drive objects, you may need to break and replace them to clear the stored timings. FTL Pinouts are unaffected.
  2. 1.3

    -Sanitized the ftlsensor script for chain-friendliness. (Thanks for the advice zoomah!)
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  3. 1.2

    -Added six colored variants of the FTL drive, in case cyan doesn't jive with your ride. Learn how to make them by crafting or picking up the base drive!
    -Rearranged the mod's file structure to make the above addition cleaner. This means nothing outwardly, but any addon mods will probably also need to be updated accordingly. Sorry!
  4. 1.1

    -The script now reads sky.config and tries to set animation timings based on those time values, which should smooth things out when using a mod that alters ship travel times. Animations may still be wonky/desynchronized if travel times are extremely short.