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Play as an NPC 2.2.1

Live your RP needs

  1. DrPvtSkittles
    Play as NPCs

    Craft a NPC vending machine at Skittle's Mega Crafter https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/skittles-mega-crafter.5648/ for 300 pixels. You can purchase all clothing items from there.


    I do see the irony. :p

    Any item labled as a Costume, is a pants slot item that transforms you into the npc exactly as they are seen in game. Some extra animations were made for swimming etc etc. To make things less confusing, all costume icons have a gold border. All costumes are dyable, although naturally only 1 colour can changed... and I hope I picked the right one. >_>

    Outfits are based on the npc that they are named after, and include a head, chest, leg and sometimes a back item.

    *Known issues: holding something while wearing a costume looks a little odd.

    Baron Costume + Baron Outfits
    Esther Costume
    Esther Costume + Outfits
    Lana Costume + Lana Outfits + Lana hair for Apex and Humans
    Nox Costume + Nox Outfits + Nox hair for Humans

    Nuru Costume + Nuru Outfits +Nuru hair for Florans
    Tonauac Costume

    Apex Mutant Costume
    Moontant Costumes

    2 Shop Stop Outfit 1 and 2 + Hair

    Shipyard Captain Outfit 1 and 2 + Hair
    Lab Tech Outfit 1 and 2 + Hair
    Terramart Hair for Florans
    Terrifying No-Eye Hat
    (you can look just like the guards!)
    Shady Licence Dealer
    Moontant Hats
    Serpent Robot
    Po Golem
    Caretaker Outfit
    Froggs Outfits
    Alpaca Outfits
    Poptop Costume
    Mutant Miner Outfit
    Fennix Costume
    Custom Ship Captain pants 1 + 2
    Penguin Costume
    Captain Noble

    New costumes variants to be used with a set of arms

    Mutant Apex
    Esther v1 v2

    Look for the teal border. Combine them with the arms chest piece.

    Nuru's arm rotates off her body.
    Esther arms jiggle like jelly.
    Koichi and Tonauac are too tall for custom arms


    If you have any suggestions, comments or critiques I would love to hear from you.

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    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.


    1. baron3.png
    2. koichi3.png
    3. lana3.png
    4. apexmutant3.png
    5. npcicon.png
    6. mootant3.png
    7. esther3.png
    8. nara3.png
    9. nox3.png
    10. tonauac3.png
    11. 2stop3.png
    12. labtech3.png
    13. shipyard3.png
    14. terramart3.png
    15. labtech32.png
    16. EyeGuard3.png
    17. esthernew3.png
    18. licence3.png
    19. npcven3.png
    20. moonhead3.png
    21. mooon3.png
    22. po3.png
    23. punchy3.png
    24. repair3.png
    25. serpent3.png
    26. caretaker3.png
    27. frogg3.png
    28. alpac3.png
    29. poptop3.png
    30. mutantminer3.png
    31. fenn3.png
    32. shippants3.png
    33. apex3.png
    34. pengu.png
    35. capnob.png

Recent Reviews

  1. NovaHex
    Version: 2.2
    Neat stuff but is this multiplayer compatible?
    1. DrPvtSkittles
      Author's Response
      If everyone and the server has it, yes.
  2. saccomano
    Version: 2.0
    I like the mod but my only problem is that when I put on a piece of armor the character disappears completely leaving only the piece of armor.
    could you fix it?
    1. DrPvtSkittles
      Author's Response
      Some pieces do this with purpose. It is to hide the legs sticking out from the pants.
  3. Ickura
    Version: 1.9
    Nice spritework!
  4. FazgotyAzzSite
    Version: 1.6
    Pure. Perfection. That is a simple way to describe this mod. Now, for a more detailed description, i will add that this was exactly what i was looking for, and how every character i tried works as intended, well, at least for me. I am very impressed by this mod, and i thank you for making it. That also means, that there will be no critiques from me, and I shall leave them for someone else. I, myself haven't found a single flaw in this mod. Not on its own, not with the mod combination i use. I do, however, have one suggestion, well it's more of a request really. Would it be perhaps, possible to make a costume of that little red repair bot? The one that could've been seen at U.S.C.M bunkers. Penguin Pete has one of those too. I tried making it myself, but to no avail. That wheel of its was always posing problems for me, so much in fact, it submitted me into giving up, so i would like to ask you, as you obviously know what you're doing, would it be possible?
    1. DrPvtSkittles
      Author's Response
      :D thank you! ummm who is the little red repair bod? Do you have an image?
  5. FelisMoonie
    Version: 1.0
    I Loved it! But, you know if you use Nuru's back hair ( sknpcnuru2back) while holding a pointing item and running backwards the outfit disappers? Its like the animation is missing or something
    1. DrPvtSkittles
      Author's Response
      Oh whoops. I need to remember to run backwards with the arm out to test back items. I've made a fix, will release it tonight, hopefully with a couple of other fixes if i can get it to work. Thank you for your review, if you have any other ideas/crits please use the discussion section.
  6. MarcusMaster
    Version: 1.0
    Hehe its pretty cool, I downloaded it on steam though.
    But really cool done.
    1. DrPvtSkittles