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Playable Cats Version 4.0

Don't just have a pet cat--BE one!

  1. Hitbox and sktest fix

    I discovered that debug mode can show collision boxes, and finally fixed the cat's collision to be more cat-like. (This came after someone on steam said that the game was acting as if my cat was in the ground. I'm hoping this fixed matters.)

    Skittles discovered that there's still an instance of sktest left in this mod (it was actually a dummy item that isn't in use) and I've fixed that to prevent the game from crashing to desktop.

    The cat NPCs now act a little strange and I cannot fathom why. Some are capable of teleporting through thin lines of solid blocks, for some reason, and other cat npcs get stuck in loops of trying to do the same. I will fix this if I can ever figure out the cause. Please let me know if the new collision poly causes problems for you. (I actually kind of don't know what I'm doing with this; all I did was copy/paste the humanoid ducking poly into the standing one.) It works for me, but not everyone's games are the same, haha.
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