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Playable Cats Version 4.0

Don't just have a pet cat--BE one!

  1. Yet Another Bugfix + Respawn change

    Scratching post was supposed to require ropes, not generic items.

    Also changed the respawn animation. Got tired of seeing a humanoid form in the human lifepod only for a cat to appear afterward. lol. Having a Floran's respawn isn't any better, but meh. At least there's no humanoid showing up!

    There has been a report of a crash being caused when starting a new game. I am currently investigating this and trying to figure out what's wrong. If this happens to...
  2. Emergency Lunar Base Mission Fix

    For some reason or another, I absolutely positively could not get the first set of doors to open while playing as a cat. I don't understand how or why, I just know that I spent about two minutes trying to do it.

    Then I spent the next five scrambling for a fix because I knew that being unable to beat this mission means being unable to explore the galaxy!

    The end result was slapping a couple of broken red lights in the doors' place until I can figure out what else went wrong.

    Sorry for...
  3. We are Siamese if you please~

    Yet another bugfix. Accidentally turned the cat sword found in your ship locker to a generic item.

    Then I figured I might as well release my Siamese edits. This is a separate mod file that's completely optional. If you'd rather be playing as a Siamese-like cat, then use this mod! If you're happy with the cat file you have right now, then don't use it.

    Also, the normal bicolor cat has had some color updates to have the same amount of colors as the edited Siamese version. (More color...
  4. Scratching Post Fix

    Just a minor update to fix the scratching post, which I broke when I added rope to the recipe.

    TONS of new content added to make the species feel more complete:

    • Tiered swords, with the last one being stupidly OP but requiring lots of materials to make. If you don't like broken weapons, don't use it.
    • Tiered armor in the form of invisible collars. These are chest pieces only, but they have the stats of all three armor pieces humanoids have. Technically, you COULD use this with other armors to break the game, but hey, more power to you if you want to play that way.
    • A...
  6. Secondary colors added!

    Just a few minor adjustments, plus a major one.

    • Figured out how to get the hair color option to work. You can now have bicolor cats!
    • The Cat's Sword is now edited to look like it's made completely out of energy. (Cannot get its fullbright frame to load, however...)
    • The Cat's Sword was nerfed a little. Not everyone likes insanely OP weapons like I do.
    • Edited the "Furless" option to use a slightly different set of pinks. It still doesn't precisely look furless, but the...