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Plushbound - Plushies, stickers and more! 1.5

Ever wanted some more cuddly companions or stylish stickers? Look no further!

  1. Making hacked machines and Retro Glitch plushies properly obtainable.

    - Retro Glitch plushies are now legitimately obtainable from Glitch popballs
    - Hacked versions of the Plopball machine and the Community Prize Dispenser can now be acquired with the help of the Penguin Claw Machine License found in claw machine located in the Beakeasy bar
  2. Quick fix for missing plushie

    Making the "Hiraki Corale Plush" buyable at the "H4ck3d Prize Dispenser", like it's supposed to.
  3. Another fix

    Now the Collection Tracker is actually craftable.
  4. Added: "Plushbound Collection Tracker"; Various fixes

    The new Plushbound Collection Tracker should help you keep trackof your growing collection!

    Some items that were previously unobtainable or didn't function properly, have been fixed.
  5. Around 90 new community-made plushies and stickers!

    With the conclusion of Plushbound's community-driven event, I'm glad to finally release all the submissions that have been handed in to the public!
    Community-Made Additions.png
  6. Another fix!

    The scripts used for the vending machines are now prefixed.
  7. Small fix

    You should now be able to buy prize capsules from teh Letheia claw machine at the Outpost!