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Powerfully Unique 2016-08-25

Powerfully Unique allows you to craft upgraded versions of all unique weapons in the game!

  1. Joey_Longshot
    Powerfully Unique

    Not a fan of the randomly generated weapons? Do you hate it when you come accross a new unique weapon only to find it's weaker than the last randomly generated one you've found? Try Powerfully Unique! Now you can upgrade any unique weapon in the game to max level!

    What this mod does is it teaches you a crafting recipe upon picking up any new unique weapon. This crafting recipe is for a new, stronger version of said unique weapon and can be crafted at anvils and replicators. Any unique weapon that is, by default, level 3 or lower, whether found or crafted, can be combined with an upgrade module and 6 Durasteel Bars to create a level 6 version of it, and you will learn a crafting recipe for a level 10 version of it. Any unique weapon with a level of 4 or higher, whether found or crafted, can be combined with an upgrade module and 10 solarium stars to create a level 10 version of it.

    Currently, as of 1.0, the highest level weapons that can be acquired in vanilla are level 6, and not all unique weapons are at that level. Personally, I find the unique weapons much more enjoyable than the randomly generated ones. There's just so much more thought and design put into them. So I created a mod that allows you to make any unique weapon in the game uniquely powerful.

    Powerfully Unique Progression 1.png

    -[ Notes ]-

    The new weapons in this mod are mostly identical to their original counterparts with the exception of their names, price, and level (which is supposed to act as a damage modifier). So far, one weapon did not seem to have it's damage increased with its level and that was the Magnorbs. I did have to adjust the base damage to this item just to include it in this mod.

    Due to my naming conventions of the new high-level weapons, I did have to abbreviate a few of them to make sure they remained legible.

    A few unique weapons that I found in the code seemed to either not work in vanilla or had a base damage of 0. These weapons are not upgradable as a result of that. Listed below are those weapons.
    - harpoongun (Creates a Perfectly Generic Item in vanilla)
    - ironbow (Creates a Perfectly Generic Item in vanilla)
    - chargegun (Does not actually do damage)
    - nurusspearmelee (Only contains the Primary Attack)
    - nurusspear (Only contains the Secondary Attack)
    - npcwrench (This npc item appears to have an auto scaling level)
    - bubblegun (Does not actually do damage)
    - snowgun (Does not actually do damage)
    - watergun (Does not actually do damage)
    - all of the paintguns (Do not actually do damage)

    A few weapons like the Gauntlet, Chakram, and Boomerang can already be crafted into new weapon with an upgrade module and other assorted ingredients. This was already in the game, but I did make it so picking up the base weapon now also teaches you the blueprints for these new weapons along with the higher level version of it.

    If you install this mod and don't see the crafting recipe for a unique weapon that was already in your inventory, you must either drop it on the ground and pick it back up or put it in a storage container and then back in your inventory. The recipes are learned upon pick up.

    Also if you craft a Powerfully Unique weapon and then uninstall this mod, be aware, you will not get your original unique weapon back. Crafting does consume the ingredients.

    If I missed any unique weapon or if any of the crafting recipes don't seem to work, please let me know.

    -[ Other Mods by Me ]-

    Halogen EPP
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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