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Project Knightfall Version 1.6.0

Enhance your character with some powerful high tech and heavy duty endgame weapons and armor.

  1. TrueDefiant
    • Plasma Powered Weapons - Destroy your enemies with an arsenal of powerful, energized, plasma based weapons.
    • Gravity Based Weaponry - Pull enemies to a point and lock them down.
    • Chrono Weapons - Freeze enemies in time or erase enemies from this timeline.
    • High Explosive Weapons - Blast enemies to oblivion using devastating explosions.
    • Laser Weapons - Turn up the heat and melt your enemies using the power of lasers.
    • Incendiary Weapons - Burn your enemies with flame based weapons.
    • Prism Weapons - Channel light and use it to blind, stun, and burn enemies. Prism weapons refract from the initial target, allowing you to hit targets from unlikely angles.
    • Black Hole Tech (Discord Exclusive) - Harness the power of the universe's most destructive astronomical object to send your enemies to oblivion.
    • Pilotable Aircraft - Pilot powerful, varying aircraft and use their weapons to blast and rain hell from the skies.
    • Decorative Furniture Objects - Enhance and decorate your builds with Knightfall's black and blue furniture and decorative pieces.
    • Combat Drones - Call in combat support with Knightfall's varying drone technology.
    • The Augmented - Call in combat support using Knightfall's augmented vanilla monsters, featuring enhanced damage, speed, and durability.

    Note: Some of these weapons can be overpowered. Please me mindful when using these as some of these weapons can easily destroy most vanilla enemies in a few hits. This is intended. Be mindful of this fact as this can ruin the experience for players who are looking for a balanced weapons experience either in vanilla or modded.

    To get started, craft an Inventor's Table and upgrade it to an Architect's Table. All the Knightfall shops and tables can be crafted from the Architect's Table for a couple of resources.

    Originally started as my own personal custom gear mod, this is my very first content mod and it has been in development for the past 2 years and has gone through several changes over that time. This mod will still be worked on and expect some more content in the near future, but don't expect that future content to come out fast. I hope you all enjoy this mod as much I had been in making it :)

    Feedback is appreciated. Report bugs in the comment section but provide me with your log file so I can diagnose the problem. No log, no fix.

    Mod should be compatible with other mods. However, this mod is currently incompatible with the following:
    • Carlucci Ace's Inventory - New inventory doesn't accept Knightfall items.
    • Enhanced Storage - Storage items can't be edited with Enhanced Storage.

    Wipe all Knightfall items from your inventory, this includes the Weapon Printer. Then, simply unsubscribe.




    Join the official Discord Server at: https://discord.gg/f2cdf4h
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. Thumbnail-01.png
    2. Crafting Station-01.png
    3. Armor-01.png
    4. Melee Weapons-01.png
    5. Ranged Weapons-01.png
    6. Heavy Weapons-01.png
    7. Experimental Weapons-01.png
    8. Arcturus Showcase-01.png
    9. Arena Showcase-01.png
    10. Banesaber Showcase-01.png
    11. Bonecrusher Showcase-01.png
    12. Centurion Showcase-01.png
    13. Cyclops Showcase-01.png
    14. Meteor Showcase-01.png
    15. Pulsar Showcase-01.png
    16. Raptor Showcase-01.png
    17. Stalker Showcase-01.png
    18. Whiplash Showcase-01.png
    19. Drone Station-01.png
    20. Drones-01.png
    21. Augmented-01.png
    22. Vehicle Shop-01.png
    23. Firehawk Fighter-01.png
    24. Gryphon Standard-01.png
    25. Gryphon Support-01.png
    26. Gryphon Unarmed-01.png
    27. Seraph Standard-01.png
    28. Firehawk Showcase-01.png
    29. Gryphon Showcase-01.png
    30. Seraph Showcase-01.png
    31. Furnishing Store-01.png
    32. Bridge.png
    33. Library and Bedroom.png
    34. Armory.png
    35. Gunships.png
    36. Air Tower Base.png
    37. Air Tower Pads.png
    38. Outpost.png
    39. Shuttlecraft Outpost.png

Recent Reviews

  1. NightmareDL
    Version: Version 1.6.0
    One of the best weapons mod i have , and finally someone has good 1handed weapons/shields too.
  2. Killer Queen
    Killer Queen
    Version: Version 1.6.0
    Really great mod in the end games, pretty balanced in case of ingredients to craft stuff and also the power they wield. Keep it up my g
  3. xxbroccolixx
    Version: Version 1.6.0
    this mods is so great
  4. fgrf12
    Version: Version 1.6.0
  5. Van228van223
    Version: Upgrade Version 1.5
    Обожаю этот мод и считаю его одним из лучших!
    Можно ли стать бета-тестером? :D
  6. Rodoflash13
    Version: Upgrade Version 1.5
    this mod is great xd
  7. HidekiSan
    Version: Upgrade Version 1.5
    this mods is so great :D
  8. Xelgort
    Version: Upgrade Version 1.4
    An amazing mod! It quickly became my most favourite mod of em' all and the Banesaber do be amazing.
  9. fueselwe
    Version: Upgrade 1.3.1
    Just the absolute polish.
    Every part of this just feels right at home.
    Amazing work, man!
    Also quick (rather specific) suggestion of mine would be for the weapons with a certain time between shots (i.e. Shotgun or maybe beam cannon charge shot could have that) to have a sort of reload function, be it pumping the shotgun, reloading the many rocket weapons or something else; it's probably a very difficult demand, but I have seen it before and it could be cool. Nethertheless this is an incredible mod, keep going
    1. TrueDefiant
      Author's Response
      Hello! Thank you for the review :)

      Yeah, I have thought of different animations with the many guns present in Knightfall though, my problem is I don't have knowledge in that department and I'm not so sure how to approach it. Rest assured, I will add these features in a future patch if I ever figure it out.
  10. Van228van223
    Version: Upgrade 1.3.1
    Очень классный мод!