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Project Knightfall Upgrade Version

A Starbound Expansion Mod

  1. Small Content Update

    Rolling out a small content update for everybody.


    • Minor bugfixes. (Anomnum)
    • Changed some gun sound effects.
    • Block recipes now give out 100 blocks instead of 20.
    • Added fullbright support for the Knightfall Glow Panel.
    • Added fullbright support for Knightfall's shields. (Beltsasar)
    • Fixed an odd bug with the Knightfall Cargo Tram.
    • Gryphon's standard version now includes an MG. Chain guns moved to wings and projectiles have been changed.
    • Removed money icons from shop windows.
    • Drone, Augmented, Augments, and Vehicle shops are now upgradeable.

    New Vehicles:
    • Drone Carrier Gryphon - An elite variant of the Gryphon that deploys Spectre drones to fight. Has a standard machinegun on the bottom and grenade launchers on the top.
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