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Project Redemption 3.0

A lore friendly expansion to Starbound

  1. misc update the nth

    3.0 update:
    -Impervium alloy
    -Impervium armor
    -an Impervium shield
    -New dialogue for Esther, Nuru, Koichi, and the Baron
    -Two new codices
    -a USCM remnant bunker dungeon

    NOTE: I changed the ids for the ancient sword, ancient mask and assault set for the sake of compatibility, apologies for the inconvenience
    -fixed the strange synergy between the protector's sphere and other protector's armor techs alongside some minor tweaks to them
    -removed augment support for the...
  2. tower hotfix

    should fix a typo that basically turned the towers into planet crackers, my bad
  3. mini misc update

    fixed the spawnrate of the USCM tower dungeons now (they should be much rarer now) and buffed the protector's armor slightly. new additions include reusable and largely improved versions of the bounty hunting vehicles, shadow guards and an addendum to the paladin initiative codex
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  4. Haven't forgotten you guys!

    Sorry about letting this version of my mod lag behind the steam version, this should now be up to date. too much stuff has been added to list here so just have a look at the face-lifted front page for all of the content!
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  5. yellow glimmer

    tweaked master manipulator a bit
  6. quick addition

    mostly for those who use either the elithian races mod or matter manipulator skins mod, you can craft yourself the master manipulator skin once you obtain it, also makes it easier for those who already completed the ruin mission to get it in admin mode :p
  7. hotfix

    quick fix for master manipulator skin replacing your scan tool with the defaul inspection tool
  8. Grand Protector

    added the master manipulator skin! it can be obtained as a quest reward for defeating the ruin
  9. 1.5.2 tweaks

    made the protector's handgun one-handed and removed it's alt-ability in favor of making it it's main fire
  10. quick bugfix

    fixed the protector's handgun, unfortunately this involved disabling it's upgraded version (for now)