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Purchasable Pets [SB 1.2] v1.4

Buy pets at Infinity Express

  1. The | Suit

    version: Starbound 1.2 Ready ]


    Pets no longer spawn on the ship, you must purchase them at Infinity Express ( The Outpost ) . The prices vary based on the exotic nature of the pet.
    Features of the Mod
    • No more mandatory pets ( for those who don't like pets )
    • Choose which pet you want!
    • Removing the pet house resets the pet.
    • Have more than 1 pet ( Be that creepy cat lady you always wanted to be.)
    • Use Pet trap to remove unwanted \ cloned pets.
    • Now supports custom race mods!


    Side Note:
    If anyone wants to contribute some custom pet houses ( with credit of course ) for the pets that would be great. They need to be 24 x 24. Otherwise these wonderful designer houses will be the defacto till then.

    Known Issues
    • Pets Reproduce [ not a feature ]
    • A new item called Pet Trap is found in Infinity Express, place it on your ship to kill off any unwanted pets. Do not worry legitimate pets will respawn.
      • No real practical way for me to fix this without me inadvertently breaking the pets. So pet trap ahoy!
    • Pet likes are reset when you break and move the house.
      • This issue will likely not be fixed. The reason this occurs is because the likes are stored in the pet directly and not its anchor. Fixing this issue would require a massive rewrite of how pets storage works.
      • As long as you don't move the pet house, your pets likes and dislikes will remain the same.
    • Custom races which use custom pets - the custom pets will no longer be available.
    • Mad Tulip ship mod
      • is not supported, as he uses a custom method to spawn the pet.
    • Multiplayer - [ This mod requires server + other players to have the mod. ]
      • If you wish to use this mod in multiplayer all players + server must have this mod installed. Feel free to ask the server owner to add this mod to their collection.
    • Techstation.lua
      • Any mod which modifies techstation.lua script there is no hope for compatibility.
    New Pets:


    Other Mods to Check out:
    @Tremerion - Added around 50 more pets! - http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/pets-critters.3196/

    Want to report a Bug? Have any Doubts? Use the Link Below!



    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. hellenicshaco
    Version: [SB 1.2] v1.4
    Nice mod!!!
  2. rafaellouy93
    Version: [SB 1.1] Version 1.3
    Good mod for those people who don't want pets on their ship(me including) and for those who loves them.
  3. Crusism
    Version: [SB 1.1] Version 1.3
    “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”

    A lovely mod that gives you full control over the option of pet(s) - finally allowing you to be a lone voyager in your Starbound journey and absolutely allowing you to be one of those awesome cat people (lol).

    My only critique is that the pet houses stick out like a sore thumb to some people (e.g. my little sister lol), but I think it fits the idea of owning a pet nicely so it's alright with me so, at most, new textures can be presented to give pet house options to players.

    Anyhow, an excellent mod to have - especially if you don't agree with Tiy's philosophy (which is entirely a personal preference), which I shall share below as food for thought. Thank you for this mod! 5/5

    Tiy: These are ship pets, companions you get to know through circumstance rather than choice. These pets just happened to be in the ship you fled with. In the case of humans, that could be the last cat in the universe! Given the destruction of earth.
  4. Akito_Rui33
    Version: [SB 1.1] Version 1.3
    Tested and working on Stable 1.0
  5. PixieStix88
    Version: [SB 1.1] Version 1.3
    Can't find this "recipe" folder. It just downloads as a pak and changing the value doesnt seem to work.
    1. The | Suit
      Author's Response
      You need to unpack the mod in order to change the price. It was distributed as a pak file as many users find folders much harder to install. If you had a doubt you can always ask first if you are unaware of what you are doing.
  6. Shadox2.0
    Version: [SB 1.0] Mod ver. 1.1
    First i've rate 4 cuz we can always better :p
    THIS mod allow you to remove the ugly pig in your ship for a cat (in my case) , and my cat love every glitch food <3
  7. Markelius
    Version: [GG] v4.0
    So, I don't usually vote down mods, but I as well as multiple other people have reported a lua error which prevents the pets from spawning in the discussion thread and you haven't responded to any of us. I'll change my rating once the bug is fixed. Would really like to have this working, it's very much an idea I can get behind.
  8. KitterKat
    Version: [PG]3.2
    It's cool I mean I love that I can have a pet... BUT I bought a cat house and it spawned a new cat every time I left so I thought I'd just remove the pet house and they would vanish or something. They're all still there though. Cannot get rid of them at all which is a tad frustrating. I love cats though but too many of a good thing can lag and crash the game haha. I tried buying the pet trap hoping I could get rid of them but infinity express refuses to let me buy it. The buy button just doesn't work at all.
    1. The | Suit
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I will look into it. Though next time it would be better to report it in discussions as a bug.
  9. Coldboots
    Version: [PG]3.2
    This is a good mod for anyone who hates (or loves) the virtual pets Starbound forced on us.
  10. Deadguy87
    Version: [PG]3.1
    Glad you got this updated today, thank you so much.