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Quality Artisan Products 1.0.4-1

Makes output quality match input quality

  1. Manifest fix

    This just removes that false update alert
  2. ...whoops

    Is now the correct file. Whoops.
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  3. Mead name fix for REAL

    Fixes the mead name PROPERLY.

    All new mead will be properly named. Mead from flower honey will be named for the flower, eg Rose Mead; Mead from Wild Honey will be named Wild Mead; and mead from honey that is specifically named "Honey" with no prefix will result in Honey Mead.
  4. Mead name fix and aged roe!

    With PFM 1.4, it is finally possible for me to fix the "Honey Mead" name issue! Also this now supports quality aged roe, if you get your hands on quality roe.
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  5. Update key update

    Now it has an update key