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QuickStart (Unmaintained) 1.2.0

Getting you started faster, this mod unlocks quite a few things for your new characters.

  1. QuickStart 1.2.0

    This update splits the original "Get Started" command into several individual commands, all hidden behind a "Show Commands" AI command for compatibility purposes. Color has also been added to each of the commands to help distinguish them from vanilla commands and other mods.

    This update's features include:
    • "Get Started" command split into many separate commands, so people can choose what they want
    • "Unlock All" command added to keep it simple for those that want it
    • "Get Fuel" re-usable command for unlimited fuel, if desired
    • "Show Commands" command added so that other mods can patch compatibility with QuickStart
    • "Uninstall Mod" re-named to "Disable Mod" for clarification
    • Some commands have had their descriptions update for clarity
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